Paschal Tide The Reason For Easter Sunday’s Date – Br Andre Marie Interview

Written by on 04/24/2019

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie from the St. Benedict Center

Host of ReConquest here on The Crusade Channel

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  • First take away is this – this still seems to be somewhat of a controversy.

QUESTION: The date for the beginning of Paschal Tide – we are over this controversy.

  • The controversy today has nothing but the two calendars to explain it. Easter can be a MONTH off between the two calendars. This year they are a week off.
  • The Bishops because they copied the Jewish observance of Passover, keep in mind talking about early Christianity, there is an overlap.
  • The people and the practices of the old and new testament.
  • The Angel of Death – damnation of sorts
  • Peace maker that came from the East to tell the Pope how celebrating Easter. He subsequently lifted the sanctions on those early Christians.
  • The 1st Sunday of Spring – the Fathers of Nicaea, First Council of Nicaea determined to settle this once and for all so we could all observer Easter on the same day.
  • “Dom Prosper Guéranger” – Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger, O.S.B. was a French Benedictine monk and priest, who served for nearly 40 years as the Abbot of Solesmes Abbey.
  • Just the first week or Octave of Eastertide – This is how important this time is for Christians. (Dom Prosper books)
  • There are NO Ember Days in Pascaltide.
  • 40 days of Fasting and 50 days of Feasting! (not glutinous of course)
  • Astronomers – they were heavily relied on back in the day.
  • Catholics fixed the calendar for people.
  • Catholics are the reason we have a Bible today.
  • Mike tells story about Ashley’s Confirmation in Florida last weekend etc – traveling Fatima statue The Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic

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