The Mike Church Show Episode 398 podcast: Drone Amazon Has Arrived taking the box man’s job

Mandeville, LA – Peak Amazon Has Arrived – It is a telling sign when “investors” in the dubious “investment” vehicle known as a “hedge fund” announce that they are going bear market on you b ecause your business practices and sizes are straining ethical bonds and that is what has happened with Amazon. To add insult to injury, socialists in Congress like Bernie Sanders, are rattling regulation sabers as if they have an answer to amazon’s looming specter. “Is Amazon a productive change agent and force for the good of the consumer by virtue of a reduction in product prices? Or is Amazon’s disruption of the general retail business a destroyer of jobs, moving previously productively employed workers into the unemployment line?” he asked.” This continues my discussion on this from the POV that the manufacture, sale and delivery of food cannot be monopolized without grave consequences for society. And now, amazon is poised to assault the shipping industry and destroy it, replacing it with “Prime-Air”. Somewhere, ian Fleming is rolling in a grave, lamenting the fact that he never lived to see one of James Bond’s global conquesting villains come to life. Ian, meet BezosfFeld.


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