The Mike Church Show Episode 474 Podcast: The New Bolsheviks Are Here

Mandeville, LA – The Demons Are Ascendent On YouBoob And They’ve Come For The Kids… – The NY Times, among others (read this essay here) has noticed the automated “bots” YouTube has employed to crank out BILLIONS of hours of children’s video series and shorts that feature no humans and in most videos nothing human-like. Here’s one example from the Times opening paragraph.

The 10-minute clip, “PAW Patrol Babies Pretend to Die Suicide by Annabelle Hypnotized,” was a nightmarish imitation of an animated series in which a boy and a pack of rescue dogs protect their community from troubles like runaway kittens and rock slides. In the video Isaac watched, some characters died and one walked off a roof after being hypnotized by a likeness of a doll possessed by a demon.

Demon!? (“Mitter Chur, puh-lease!”) Still think I am focusing too much on the demonic and have “lost my way”? This stuff is real, there are real children being basically exploited and trained to be servants to these “bots” with no indication of what the purpose of theses videos are or who is responsible for them. In our dawning robot future, the idea that Moloch isn’t way ahead of the “robots as playmates” wave that is coming is just naive. Why? The YouBoob bots, ARE robots.


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