Reverse Deception Episode 64: Featuring Steve Bongardt retired F.B.I. and Navy F-14 Pilot

Written by on 04/17/2017

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Manassas, VA – Adam Roosevelt running for delegate in VA, Steve Bongardt, retired FBI SSA and former chief of the BAU in Quantico as well as dopamine, to help the mind cope.

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  1. adairrm   On   04/19/2017 at 11:23 AM

    Yet another entertaining episode Mitter Carpenter! I was just listening along Monday night to the “on demand” version. I was enjoying the show enough and was cruising along with it and thought I saw the beach coming (the end of the show). But no. Two minutes left (~) and you knocked me upside the head. I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear those exact words you spoke about not needing an answer to move forward (you said it better than that of course). Man I can’t imagine how many other listeners feel the same way. Timing is everything and that was precision. And to cap it off with the Tin Soldier…..WHAM! I had completely forgotten about that song but as soon as it started I could remember the “weird” emotions it would make me feel when I was a boy. Thanks and God Bless!

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