Reverse Deception Episode 73:

Written by on 07/13/2017

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Mandeville, LA – 

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  1. Mark Marasch   On   07/19/2017 at 5:55 PM

    But…Mitter Carpenter, Mitter Carpenter!

    Good show, I’m listening to it via podcast.

    Gotta give you a rough time, by asking what aspartine is (perhaps aspartame?) and where the Silicone Valley is (perhaps Silicon?)? 😉 You are a good man, though, and I appreciate what you are doing! The point is that we all know what you mean.

    More importantly, I was going to send my son to live in Indianapolis while he attends something called Apprentice University (which is probably worth a look by anybody who is dissatisfied with the educational status quo in this country). Oops on the Indianapolis part! I was going to follow up on those statistics but I can’t find them. Can somebody share the URL for this site, so that my wife and I can take a look at what we’re doing living anywhere near that stupid city, much less sending our son there? Yeah, unfortunately I work up there every day, too.

    If somebody can share that URL, it would be much appreciated!!

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