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WHAT: Weekly show performed by Gregory Carpenter

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Mandeville, LA – Gregory Carpenter is one of four authors of the book, Reverse Deception, a book that is within the curriculum of IT and psychology departments at a number of universities throughout the country. Of the languages it has been translated in, Mandarin has been a bestseller in China. Additionally, Reverse Deception has been translated into Cyrillic, Spanish and Arabic. Since its publication in 2012, it has been one of the most sought after and talked about unconventional IT books on the market. Richard Austin of IEEE said in his review, “a masterful presentation of deception” HERE.

These days, Gregory focuses his doctoral research on understanding the security of bio-nanotechnology and what it means for us to be vulnerable to the exploitation of “the human-machine interface.” Put another way, Gregory is concerned about the interconnection of people and the computers embedded in their bodies.

This means that an individual with machine technology, like a prosthetic arm or something put in them, can be “HACKED” by another person! Why is this a concern? What involvement does our governments play? And the biggest question of all, what does the future hold for mankind?

Gregory makes frequent appearances on radio, is a highly sought after speaker who covers not only IT and unconventional tactics but speaks about future technologies  and the history of communism among other topics. Additionally, he is the national security and cyber security contributor  for the New Sons of Liberty (NEWSL.ORG), which is an online news service.

Bio – Gregory is a retired army intelligence officer who was the Secretary of Defense’s “Go-To” guy for technical assessments. With a stint as the National Security Agency’s Chief of Space Operations and Technical Team lead for Electronic Warfare and all Information Operations, you would think he had enough…but that’s not all. He have spent over 30 years with the federal government, serving in the infantry, chemical corps, medical service corps and in counterintelligence amongst others. Rest assured, if you can think of it, he have probably seen it, smelt it or touched it.

He is Gregory Carpenter, friends call him “Junkbond,” but either way, there is one thing you should know about him…nothing is what it seems. But most importantly, nothing is what it seems in your world either. Each week we take a look at the world around you and give you the ammunition of why you need to question what you see…

Lies & deceit run rampant in our world and after a career in the army and the NSA, Gregory realized more than he could say. With this, he was inspired to write a book where he said it all. Reverse Deception is a book about uncovering those lies and learning how to cover the truth for the good in the information technology world. Governments understand how to do these things and citizens should be aware of what’s happening around them, what new technology means, and how governments and corporations use it to their advantage. How can you utilize these same tools to fight back against the system?

This broadcast follows in the theme of the book, he is “semper quaerens veritatem”, he is “Reverse Deception.”



Reverse Deception radio has been quite the rage and after only a few episodes, I am getting pinged on email and on Twitter. Many people have shared their enthusiasm for the show and offered suggestions and ideas about topics to address for upcoming shows. We take all suggestions seriously and will air shows with topics which are timely and appropriate for the audience.

Contact us with ideas at

or on Twitter: @gscarp12


EPISODE 1: Federal Government Standards: what is acceptable for the Fed’s may not be acceptable to you or your family, the FDA Defects Level Handbook shows that 13 pieces of cockroaches in a candy bar is not my idea of a protein snack. Nanotechnology: Microscopic machines put into your body to help you think, modify behavior and, OH!, so much more! Computer security, or should we say insecurity…NSA functions as if they are compromised. If their computers are not secure, are yours?


EPISODE 2: Paris Shootings: CIA lying that mass surveillance was necessary to prevent the shootings while the government directs Google and others to be more protective of individuals information and complaining that Google will not cooperate in turning over information. Google was created by the CIA, our advice: Use DUCKDUCKGO instead. Defense Department cannot stop simple computer exploits: Although the Defense Department spends more on computer defense than all other Federal agencies combined, they are still no match for the script kitties and simple exploits carried out by their own testers.


EPISODE 3: Psudoscience: How does IT help explain and help us understand why some people are identified as charlatans and how others should probably be revisited as there is sufficient data to reconsider the initial branding. All psychoenergetic programs and practitioners are not created equal. Deception is in the eyes of the beholder, it is okay to be fooled by a deception which is put together very well. It would be foolish to not be deceived. Remember the movie, “The Men Who Stared At goats”? This movie documented the real actions of the US Army’s First Earth Battalion and their telepathic intelligence collection and parapsychokinetic ability to affect others using only the mind, and we footed the bill.


EPISODE 4: Special guest, Rich Russell who formerly served in the Senior Executive Service for the Director of National Intelligence in the Chief Information Officer’s department. Since retiring, he has been working in the field of emerging technologies and has stopped in to share his wisdom and insight for the public and cleared contracting offices.


Episode 5: Wondering what to get for Christmas? Better yet, what not to get for Christmas and what it means if someone gets these tech gifts for you! Some record while others have video on all the time. What helps your home get hacked faster than you can say Jack Robinson? This week Greg has Joe Kelly, recently released from the dark dungeons of the Pentagon on the show to talk all Christmas tech gifts!



The views and opinions expressed on the show and in associated material are those of the author and do not reflect those of NSA/CSS.

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