SiriusXM Catholics: Come Home, Mike Church Will Tell You The Truth About Cuomocaoty’l & Excommunication

Written by on 01/31/2019

Mandeville, La – The transcript from today’s Mike Church Show on the shameful campaign for infanticide in NY, RI & VA and Cardinal Dolan etal’s epic failure to address it.

Begin Transcript

“October 26, 2016 was the last day I was on SiriusXM after 13 years – I’m going to give you the chance to play Sherlock Holmes on what actually happened.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Cardinal Dolan on SiriusCatholic Channel

“This Clericalism was taught by YOU Sir!  You told the laity that YOU had the power, that we should respect the office no matter what. NOW you don’t have clout? NOW you have no power? You tell the Governor of NY he is excommunicated. He is no longer Catholic.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Delegate questioning Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax

HEADLINE: Virginia lawmaker says she wouldn’t have co-sponsored controversial abortion bill if she had read it closely by Graham Moomaw

“The baby is coming down the birth canal, the cervix is expanding…and the woman can STILL have an abortion at this point.”

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt chokes back tears while discussing Kathy Tran’s “my bill allows for” abortion while delivering a 40 week old child.

“This is the bill that Del. Kathy Tran has put up for a vote. Rare, safe and legal has now become child sacrifice! We have legislatures making this LEGAL! This is what this bill says, I couldn’t even make this up. Poor Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends cried when the Tran tape was being played – she was weeping in shock at the satanic evil on display.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor of Virginia discusses Del. Kathy Tran’s abortion bill.

From the Mike Church Chatroom: ‘NO Mr Governor, MURDER was defined by GOD! He said NO! Who cares what the mother and doctor think???’

Mike: “The infant would be delivered and resuscitated if the mother wishes. Then a discussion would ensue whether or not to kill the infant.”


HEADLINE: Excommunicate Cuomo by Ed Condon

“What has happened since there has been NO punishment of any sort for Cuomo? We have copycat bills that are worse than the NY bill.” – End transcript

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