Sister Maria Philomena: Caged Birds, Conversions and Why More Media Needs Sister’s “PA Rating”

Written by on 12/04/2018

Special Guest Sister Maria Philomena – director of the Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom

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MICM – Missionary defense of dogma especially extra Ecclesiam nulla salus

  • We sew, we cook, we clean, every talent gets utilized.
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary School in New Hampshire.
  • We met our goal last week of $16,000!
  • Came here in 1991 fresh out of high school.
  • I have been here for almost 21 years.
  • I came here for a year…the terms have changed throughout the years. The convent is where the sisters stay.
  • What advice would you give to a young lady who think they have a vocation?
  • ALL women need to discern what God wants from us, not just those thinking about taking vows. This discernment will only make you better women, mothers, daughters and wives.
  • Proper Latin Pronunciation – MICM
  • Good Example of God’s providence – she loved the one in France but they told her she had to believe in Baptism by Desire to stay and she simply didn’t believe that.
  • Bread of Life was transcriptions of his lectures. Fr. Feeney
  • Baptism by Desire – used against Fr. Feeney because he refused to do away with outside the Church there is no salvation.
  • St. Augustine Institute of Wisdom – currently offers counting education for adults. It was Brother Francis’ way of further learning without having to be at the center.
  • 4 courses form the platform
  • #LifeRuined
  • Common Sense is not so ‘common’ anymore.
  • The Faith can be so simple a child can get it and so intricate you need philosophy classes.
  • Brother Francis exuded enthusiasm. He had so much love for the faith. To keep that spark alive is more trying.

AUDIO CLIP: Brother Francis the 4 Cardinal Virtues

  • When it comes to certain issues in the household, the economy of the house, there are certain things if a women were instructing you.

The Caged Bird: The Role of Women in the Conversion of America by Sister Maria Philomena

  • What the role of a mother is and why it is so important.
  • This isn’t just a talk for ladies, there are things in there for men too.
  • In the home being a mother and a wife IS a vocation! If she isn’t looking at what her purpose is, she will look for comfort in the wrong places. Even if it just becomes gossiping with the wrong friend they could be getting the ‘wrong’ advice. There are many examples of the ‘wrong places’.
  • I am the oldest of 10!
  • What a Catholic Society looks like, that is what you will see in New Hampshire at the St. Benedict Center.
  • Putting on the habit doesn’t make us perfect by any means.
  • The Saint Benedict Center B&B –

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