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Written by on 04/05/2019

Special Guest Stefanie Nicholas

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Catholic Family News – 1st printed article ever!

HEADLINE: Challenging Feminism At Its Roots: A Call to Arms from a Radical Catholic by Stefanie Nicholas

HEADLINE: My Catholic Quest for Beauty by Stefanie Nicholas

  • Beauty is subjective, virtuous and important.
  • My generation what are we exposed to in art, literature and music?
  • Some people my age are worse off than myself but when you seek beauty and truth you find the beauty.
  • The use of our physical bodies in praise.
  • Church architecture and the smells, the candles that you can light for devotions, the statues and so much more.
  • Stefanie writes for Catholic Family News, One Peter Five and several other places.
  • Stefanie is a convert.
  • They snuck some Trad into your title with Quest!
  • The Catholic Quest For The Holy Grail by Charles Coulombe
  • Men have taken music and made it something evil and not beautiful.
  • Gable Roofs –
  • “The raw emotion, the lifting of the soul, the intellect, the will — all of it came together. No longer was I seeking to check off a list of requirements. I knew what was good for me. So I watched, and listened, and waited to meet the one.” – Stefanie Nicholas
  • Everyone should give the Latin Mass a try. Try it one time! To see the candles, the incense the bells, the vestments and the scholia. There is NOTHING on Earth like it in beauty.
  • They get the whole BEAUTY of the religion. Not everyone gets it…you do.
  • None of this is by accident, this is all by design.
  • When the apostles went out, He changed it forever!
  • It isn’t just prayer or words. The whole thing fits naturally together.
  • You begin to see the underlying hand of God in things.
  • BIG NEWS BREAKING – podcast/video cast we have been working on airing it here on the Crusade Channel – and…..after 4 weeks Stefanie and John haven’t run away from the idea.
  • Unapologetics – hopefully will be launched next week baring no delays!

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