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HEADLINE: Liberal Christians are the Life of the Infanticide Party by John Zmirack

  • Start Tweeting and making statements that casually plug in “Infanticides” for “Democrats.”

HEADLINE: US bishops’ pro-life leader: Pro-abortion Catholic politicians must stop receiving Communion by Martin M. Barillas

  • New Orleans natives are pro-abortion politicians, Mitch Landreau and others.
  • Archbishop Naumann wrote that he is responsible for making certain that his flock is aware of the “moral gravity and consequences of the actions.” He noted that it is “critically important” to have a dialogue with Catholic leaders who engage in “scandalous behavior.”
  • We have been using this language for months!
  • We are being scandalized by these Catholic politicians.
  • “I have found it necessary to request that they not present themselves to receive Holy Communion, for their own spiritual welfare and for the protection of many others from moral confusion.”
  • We need to stop making the distinctions b/w stages of gestation. It is either a baby or it isn’t.

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HEADLINE: Everyone Agrees that Life Begins at Conception by Thomas Ascik

  • Life begins at FERTILIZATION!
  • All scientists acknowledge and agree with this.
  • The Left believes there is a life…how do we know this?
  • ANSWER: they act with urgency. You are x weeks along, you need to make a decision.
  • Using the “pain” threshold, we could kill quadriplegics at will.

AUDIO: Fox News Dr. Anthony Levatino – they call it dismemberment abortion, you have to keep inventory of BABY parts to make sure you get the whole baby out.

  • Fox had to interrupt this wonderful interview b/c of a dog food commercial.
  • THIS is why the Crusade is so important. We can keep him on as long as he wants to talk.
  • Science continues to admit there IS NO DEFENSE OF THIS!
  • QUESTION: What is the statement that debunks the LIFE side of this?
  • So it is now pro-science to have access to abortions?

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AUDIO: The Family Guy – So Your Dad Is Gay

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HEADLINE: Strategies For Overcoming Porn by Ironborn Blog

Various Other Tasks

  • Make your bed every day. 
  • Take cold showers (this is a great test of willpower and contains physiological benefits). 
  • Cook healthy meals at home
  • Socializing (get out of the house and do something real.) 
  • Spend time in nature. 
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule
  • Frequent Confession if its available in your discipline
  • Frequent Mass/Divine Liturgy
  • Have a devotion to Our Lady – you wouldn’t be looking at porn with your mother looking over your shoulder would you?



 Blue Sky Opportunity –

  • The New Christendom
  • Subsidiary and Solidarity
  • Why don’t we just try it and not worry about what Libertarian promoters crave.











HEADLINE: Up From Consumerism by Daniel Kishi

  • For those that say End The Fed, can’t possibly mean it.
  • REASON: we don’t have the Christian Farmers. The consumers are living in a consumerist market and there is no way that would work.
  • We just don’t want the Fed running things.
  • If you return to sound money, you won’t have CREDIT CARDS!
  • Can you imagine an America without debt or credit cards?
  • Returning to the Gold – where would you start at?
  • There would have to be a standard set for the amount of ONE OUNCE of Gold.
  • Your grandkids future labor backs this faulty currency.
  • This is why usury is a SIN!
  • The last time there was an actual effort to stop usury was when the Spanish Blessed Ferdinand and Isabella attempted.


  • You didn’t get a vote on it, I didn’t get a vote on it, they just did it for us.
  • Not only are our politicians blind but the PEOPLE are blinded.

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Student Loans –

  • You can go to University without having a build up of student loans.
  • In high school you can take what are called AP courses.

BACK TO HEADLINE: Up From Consumerism by Daniel Kishi

  • Why maintain this destructive relationship with the Chinese?
  • We know who it benefits.

























Special Guest Christopher Ferrara

Catholic Family News Conference – In May

  • I haven’t planned my talk as of yet but it will be great.
  • It will most likely be related to the Rome issues and Fatima.
  • The Sweet Meteor of Death!

HEADLINE: The Sham Conclusion to a Sham Synod by Christopher Ferrara

  • The motto of the Vatican right now should be there is no business like show business.
  • They had no desire to address the real issue.
  • They do not want to hit on the homosexual infiltration of the clergy.
  • As high as 40-50% of newly ordained Priest are homosexual.
  • Even when discussing the sexual issues, they refuse to admit the Priest are homosexual.
  • What he is saying is this is just ONE area of the world wide problem.
  • He never hits the HOMOSEXUAL nature.
  • This isn’t a world wide problem. If it is, this is of no concern to us Catholics.
  • NOTHING was resolved, nothing REAL was discussed and it was all a sham.
  • St Peter Damian says sodomy is the worst of all sins.
  • He was talking about the clergy of Rome, now this is a world wide problem.

HEADLINE: Fr. James Martin to receive ‘LGBT Leadership Award’ from Notre Dame gay alumni group by Martin M. Barillas

  • The crisis in the 4th century – a decree required to profess the Catholic religion and the Divinity of Christ. This stopped the spread.
  • The time had come for the Consecration of Russia 1929, there will be a wind up of events. So we are looking at 2029, so we have 10 years to go.
  • Now no one knows the day or the hour but we know the request date is approaching.
  • The big tent of pluralism.
  • It did not have to be this way.
  • After the sodomite summit in Rome, he didn’t defend Our Lords prerogative…if Our Lord said it, do it.
  • The problem we have is that of a Dictator Pope a book by Marcantonio Colonna.
  • The Church didn’t have to end up in this situation but it surrendered.
  • What if the Bishops united as ONE and led a protest movement against the abortion movement? What if we pulled a Rosa Parks and blocked all abortion clinics?
  • The State hasn’t had to fire a single shot. The Church has folded its arms and allowed this to happen.
  • Advocating for abortion – MORTAL SIN! It places our souls on a path to HELL.
  • If every Bishop spoke this way, we could change the face of the Earth tomorrow!
  • They won’t though b/c it is a go along to get along boys club.
  • We are all going to die, we all have to face: DEATH JUDGEMENT HEAVEN and HELL!
  • What is going to happen when I die?
  • To place a bet on this world is a true suckers bet.
  • Real American History – The Liturgical Year 15 volumes (the Ordinary of the Mass)


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