Winchester, VA – Russia Times via TOLO News is reporting that the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan has been struck by a suicide bomber with multiple injuries being reported. The detonation took place at one of the airbase’s entrances, and occurred mere hours after an apology was offered by a senior US commander for a “highly offensive” […]

Winchester, VA – NPR is reporting that President Trump addressed the nation yesterday evening from Fort Myer in Virginia over his new approach to dealing with the conflict in Afghanistan. Admitting that his “original instinct was to pull out,” he indicated that “immense” security threats prevented that from being an option. CRUSADE Channel News is a service […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Caller reports that a car bomb detonated in Kabul, Afghanistan by a suicide bomber killed dozens of government workers on a commuter bus early this morning. There was nothing left of the bus except for charred, mangled metal. Hundreds of miles away, Talibani militants simultaneously overran districts, demonstrating that the Taliban […]

Winchester, VA – Early in May, advisors to President Trump issued warnings about the lack of security in Afghanistan. The accuracy of their warnings was evident as news broke of a massive truck bomb which exploded near the diplomatic district of Kabul. Close to the epicenter were the German Embassy, Afghan presidential palace, supermarkets and retail outlets. 90 […]


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