Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:02 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE 11:10   Al Gore and Global Warming –  Remember when it was called Global Warming?  Now it is called Climate Change. Remember when they tried a massive Carbon Tax? The […]

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:02 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE 11:09     11:12           11:22         11:30         11:40* Troubling Trend –  Grown adults living vicariously through your children. From the […]

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:02 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE  Special Guests today: Michael Hichborn and Caroline Farrow Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 – News of the Church and the World. 11:11 Twitter Flash […]

Mandeville, LA – Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s new book, Texit, proposes a way forward for the Lone Star State to leave the ‘Murican Union and resume their Independence, won from Mexico in the 1840’s. Has it come time to Texit!?

Winchester, VA – The Telegraph is reporting that a campaign is underfoot to overturn Brexit, and the man behind it, unsurprisingly, is George Soros, who is one of three funding sources of the group Best for Britain, which is launching a large-scale advertising campaign this month in order to, in their words, “wake the country up […]

Mandeville, LA – If this doesn’t cause the state of Texas to secede, what will? The SCOTUS reversed a Texas pro-life law requiring abortion clinics meet more rigorous standards and abortionists to have admitting privileges at hospitals. Folks, we do not deserve to exist as a union of states that legalizes the practice of taking […]

Mandeville, LA – The political, criminal class in Great Britain and the EU is in a panic after the Brexit vote; they are scared for the first time in their adult lives! Mike expounds on the topic. If the Brits can do it, why can’t we (in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc.)? The idea that the sky is […]

Mandeville, LA – Brexit, Stage [r]ight! Mike explains that the British Brexit vote to leave the sinister Eurocrat scheme is an ironic rejection of “democracy”, confounding he Blobists on both continents. There are two forces that can control the affairs of men: internal and external, the secular forms of populist government employs the latter and for […]

Mandeville, LA – Returning from the break and discussion with Scott McConnell of AmConMag, Mike moves to a piece found on the website One Peter Five, “Who Told You That Your Worth is Less than what God Tells You it is?“.   You don’t see things like this published today; a grown woman’s perspective of her […]

Mandeville, LA – Will reason win out over emotion? There is no reason why the UK would NOT leave the EU. Why is it that the conversations that need to be happening on Brexit are only happening in closed quarters? Fox is well on its way to ruining the game of golf. No more is […]

Mandeville, LA – The war crimes being committed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia are being aided by US Intelligence, funding and direct transfer of weaponry, this is unacceptable for any country much less one that fancies itself a “Christian nation”. Daniel Larison at has performed the signal task of pointing out our lethal complicity yet few […]

Mandeville, LA – Chris Ferrara delivers a no-holds barred, one man tour de force of why we can expect many more Orlando’s, Paris’s and Brussel’s style attacks from Islam because the West and certainly the USA has now completely rejected the one unifying, divine force that kept Europe from Muslim domination for 1200 years. The publisher […]

Mandeville, LA – We are all now a part of the Trumpzilla TV Show! Mike reveals to listeners that they should purchase the movie Risen– what an accurate and great movie! The oft-repeated line: “There are no enemies here.” Did you know that Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay) is a descendant of former Speaker of the […]

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