Mandeville, LA – Episode 129 debuts on May 23, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Rebroadcasts will take place according to the Crusade Channel programming schedule (note: all times listed are Central time). My topic is The Early North African Church Was Catholic and Papal. My guest is Mr. Erick Ybarra. An Early Church Father Worth Knowing: Optatus of Milevis — by Joe Heschmeyer […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 973 in Bavaria, Saint Henry II was the son of nobility, but lived his early life in exile, so he turned to the Church and was educated at the cathedral school of Hildesheim. He reigned first as Duke of Bavaria, then King of Germany, then King of Italy, and finally as […]

Winchester, VA – In Celestial Musings sometimes it’s just good to hear the data behind ideas which already seem to fall under the blatantly obvious. Religion News Service is reporting that a Vanderbilt University study published in May confirmed the health benefits of church attendance.  The study scrutinized 10 biological stress markers among nearly 5,500 […]

Winchester, VA – There was sad news for parishioners of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Corstorphine, Scotland last week. Crux reports that their 33 year old priest, Father Martin Xavier Vazhachira was found dead on a beach on Friday near his parish. Father Vazhachira, a native of India who was studying for his postgraduate […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings…One Peter Five has published a piece by Eric Sammons entitled “Jim Gaffigan and Catholic Celebrity Canonizations.” In it, we might recognize ourselves in the description of Catholics who, feeling like the last one always picked for the school kickball team, get really excited over some celebrity who shows some […]

Winchester, VA – It was revealed yesterday that the four Cardinals who submitted the unanswered Dubia last September 19th to Pope Francis over questions concerning his post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia have now asked him to give them an audience. There is an excerpt of the unanswered letter requesting the audience, delivered on May 6.  Despite the […]

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