Winchester, VA – Just breaking in the last hour is news that Facebook has experienced worldwide outages this morning. The Daily Caller reports that the social media giant was registering 2,000 outage reports every twenty minutes, according to Facebook’s outage reporter. Some of the areas experiencing the outages were the United States, Canada, Turkey, India, Russia, […]

Winchester, VA – As a result of what has been billed as India’s worst monsoon season in a very long time, the death toll in the northeastern city of Bihar has climbed higher than 500 people. Because the nation lacks the sophisticated infrastructure and emergency services that places like Houston, Texas have, the human cost to […]

Winchester, VA – One of the 12 apostles, Saint Bartholomew is identified with the Nathaniel of the New testaments who is introduced to Christ by Philip, with whom he is always mentioned, in the Gospel of Saint John. Eusebius of Caesarea’s work on Church history notes that following Christ’s ascension, Bartholomew went to India and left […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, the BBC is reporting on a tragic story out of India regarding a 10 year old pregnant victim of rape. The young girl is 32 weeks pregnant—7 months—and Indian courts have denied the family’s requests for the girl to receive an abortion, claiming that the abortion is “too risky” […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday, President Trump announced that an over $10 billion investment by Foxconn into the state of Wisconsin to build a factory that will manufacture LCD panels will put over 3,000 people to work. But did he? The Huffington Post reports that Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, has a poor track record of promising to […]

Winchester, VA – There was sad news for parishioners of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Corstorphine, Scotland last week. Crux reports that their 33 year old priest, Father Martin Xavier Vazhachira was found dead on a beach on Friday near his parish. Father Vazhachira, a native of India who was studying for his postgraduate […]


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