The author of the book Realist Guide to Religion and Science, Fr. Paul Robinson joins Mike Church for 68 minutes into discussions of philosophy, religion, and sciences.

Mandeville, La – Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Wacasey. Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines Please upgrade from basic monthly or basic yearly to Brother monthly or yearly! Please help keep our radio station alive. We also have Founding Father and Crusader levels. 7:37 7:43 7:49 7:53 8:07 8:21   Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Wacasey The Big […]

Mandeville, LA – This is Mike Church’s first 2018 interview with Chris Ferrara author of Liberty The God That Failed and a frequent contributor to the Remnant Newspaper, latin Mass Magazine and other worthy publications. Among the subjects covered is the radical change in how saints are being canonized by Pope Francis, the Oprah car […]

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