Is War With Iran Now Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan Donald Trump was not elected to fight the Middle East’s conflicts—or so some of us thought. With his declaration Friday that the Iran nuclear deal is not in America’s national interest, President Donald Trump may have put us on the road to war with Iran. […]

Winchester, VA – The Washington Times reports that ISIS has changed its battlefield tactics to guerrilla warfare as a result of having lost their territory in Iraq and Syria to the efforts of the United States and Russian backed forces. In their recent official Al Naba publication was an article entitled, “How Do We Fight Under […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Mail reports that ISIS, following its substantial losses in Syria and Iraq, is now pouring money into its European operations, and is planning waves of attacks against Western targets. Intelligence officials believe that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive (I think he’s like Elvis), hiding around the border of […]

Winchester, VA – The Sun is reporting that a Russian ISIS supporter named Renad Bakiev was apprehended by Turkish police in Adana, Turkey today, for plotting to sabotage a U.S. Air Force plane. He was caught inspecting the Incirlik air base, which is used by NATO forces and has been a staging post for American operations […]

Winchester, VA – The offensive of the Iraqi army, backed by the U.S.-led coalition, to take back Mosul from the hands of ISIS and defeat the Iraqi portion of the Islamic Caliphate has been going on since last October. The Daily Mail reported at the end of May that Iraqi security forces predicted the liberation of […]

Winchester, VA – Two stories appeared yesterday of Muslims helping victims of Christian persecution-by Muslims. Church Militant reports on Noor Lucman, a resident of Marawi City in the Philippines where Muslims have burned down the Catholic cathedral and taken 15 Christians hostage. Mr. Lucman, hid 64 Christians who had been unable to flee Marawi. He vowed […]


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