Winchester, VA – PJ Media is reporting that ISIS is threatening an attack on Times Square in New York City over the Christmas holidays. The terror group released a poster on their social media of Santa Claus overlooking Times Square at night with a case of dynamite next to him, the streets rife with people. The […]

Winchester, VA – An update on the New York City terror attack in which Uzbeki Sayfullo Saipov mowed over bikers on a bike path, crashed into a special needs bus, brandished fake guns, and was shot in the stomach the by NYPD officer Ryan Nash. Eleven people were injured, and eight were killed: 5 Argentinians, 2 […]

Is War With Iran Now Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan Donald Trump was not elected to fight the Middle East’s conflicts—or so some of us thought. With his declaration Friday that the Iran nuclear deal is not in America’s national interest, President Donald Trump may have put us on the road to war with Iran. […]

Winchester, VA – Yahoo News is reporting that three men were charged on Friday with conspiring to carry out coordinated terror attacks on New York concert venues, subway stations, and Times Square during Ramadan 2016. The three ISIS sympathizers were 19 year old Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, who came to the United States from Canada, 19 year […]

Winchester, VA – Recently we reported on the liberation of the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor from the hands of ISIS. Although ISIS still holds a very small portion of the city, the majority of the city is beginning to pick up the pieces and is more and more able every day to pursue what they […]

Winchester, VA – ABC News is reporting that Human Rights Watch released a report yesterday which reveals that at least 84 civilians, 30 of them children, were killed in US-led airstrikes in March. Representatives of the organization visited the school in Mansourah and the market in Tabqa where the strikes occurred and spoke with the survivors, […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The Sun reports that London Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday compared President Trump’s rhetoric in calling for a “total shutdown” of United States borders to ISIS’ rhetoric. The President reportedly said he would make an exception for Khan, but Khan retorted that there is nothing exceptional about him and added […]

Winchester, VA – The Washington Times reports that ISIS has changed its battlefield tactics to guerrilla warfare as a result of having lost their territory in Iraq and Syria to the efforts of the United States and Russian backed forces. In their recent official Al Naba publication was an article entitled, “How Do We Fight Under […]

Winchester, VA – The fight to recapture Marawi City from Islamic rebels has been raging on for three and a half months. ISIS has been hoping to establish a foothold in the Philippines. Marawi is virtually a ghost town now, only empty shells of buildings left. Since the fighting began in May, almost 800 people have […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Mail reports that ISIS, following its substantial losses in Syria and Iraq, is now pouring money into its European operations, and is planning waves of attacks against Western targets. Intelligence officials believe that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive (I think he’s like Elvis), hiding around the border of […]


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