Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The Sun reports that London Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday compared President Trump’s rhetoric in calling for a “total shutdown” of United States borders to ISIS’ rhetoric. The President reportedly said he would make an exception for Khan, but Khan retorted that there is nothing exceptional about him and added […]

Winchester, VA – Russia Times via TOLO News is reporting that the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan has been struck by a suicide bomber with multiple injuries being reported. The detonation took place at one of the airbase’s entrances, and occurred mere hours after an apology was offered by a senior US commander for a “highly offensive” […]

Winchester, VA – The Druz was an Islamic sect whose members in the 1860’s were making their way through Lebanon, slaughtering Christians for refusal to convert to Islam. They had already killed thousands of Maronite Christians in southern Lebanon when they made their way to Damascus and killed another two thousand. Included among the martyrs of […]

Winchester, VA – World Net Daily and Jihad Watch are reporting on disturbing developments coming out of Sterling Heights, Michigan, where U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers unexpectedly raided the houses of 100-200 Chaldean and Assyrian Christians, rounded them up, and took them away by bus, presumably to be deported back to war-torn Iraq, where struggle […]

Winchester, VA – reports that divorce law in Pakistan is coming under fire in Pakistan for the differing conditions under which Christians and Muslims may obtain their divorces. For Muslims, there is a wide range of qualifying reasons to obtain a divorce. Christians, on the other hand, have only four qualifying reasons: adultery, which is […]

  Winchester, VA – The Star Telegram reports that U.S. Representative Clay Higgins, from Louisiana, also known as “the Cajun John Wayne” outraged many with his battle cry this past weekend after the London Bridge terror attack. Posting on Facebook on Sunday, he said “The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic […]

Winchester, VA – Two stories appeared yesterday of Muslims helping victims of Christian persecution-by Muslims. Church Militant reports on Noor Lucman, a resident of Marawi City in the Philippines where Muslims have burned down the Catholic cathedral and taken 15 Christians hostage. Mr. Lucman, hid 64 Christians who had been unable to flee Marawi. He vowed […]

Podcast (crusade-news): Download (Duration: 5:09 — 11.8MB) Winchester, VA – Saturday evening festivities turned to tragedy in London when three Muslims used a vehicle to mow down pedestrians on the London Bridge, they then proceeded to the Burough Market, exited their van, and started indiscriminately stabbing passers-by while shouting, “This is for Allah!” The perpetrators were […]

Podcast (crusade-on-demand): Download (Duration: 57:13 — 105.3MB)Subscribe: Android | Email | RSS | More http://My_Story_of_America_Episode_57_Kamal.mp3Podcast (crusade-previews): Download (Duration: 57:13 — 105.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Play | RSSMandeville, LA, Episode 57 – The news is full of stories about people protesting the travel ban enacted by the Trump administration. Should America limit […]

Podcast (crusade-on-demand): Download (Duration: 1:18:36 — 72.0MB)Subscribe: Android | Email | RSS | Morehttp://20160728_Mike_Church_Show_Segment1.mp3Podcast (crusade-previews): Download (Duration: 11:29 — 10.5MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Play | RSS  Ah, ah ahhh, You didn’t say the magic word and login as a Founder’s Pass Member! There is amazing, CRUSADE Channel content on this […]


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