Winchester, VA – Born in 1842 in Roszkowa Wola, Poland, Franciszka was the oldest child of Polish nobles Adolf Adam Siedliska and his wife Cecilia Marianna Morawska. Her early religious formation was lacking, but she came under the tutelage of a zealous Franciscan Capuchin named Leander Lendzian, who prepared her to receive her First Communion at […]

Winchester, VA – Jihad Watch via Breitbart is reporting that Poland is leading the way and taking a stand against the Islamicization of Europe by way of…prayer. Thousands of Catholics staged a mass prayer event by lining up along the nation’s borders and praying the rosary for peace, and against the spread of Islam in Europe. […]

Winchester, VA – Radio Poland is reporting that in the wake of the Islamic terror attacks in Catalonia, Poland is reiterating its criticism of the European Union’s migration policy and is stating that although Poland should actively combat terrorism, the nation will not participate in the EU’s plan to relocate refugees within its borders. So-called experts […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Kinga, also called Cunegonde, is the patroness of Poland and Lithuania. She was born in 1224, the daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary. Her sisters are  Saint Margaret of Hungary and Blessed Jolenta of Poland. But her saintly connections do not end there! She was also the niece of Saint Elizabeth […]

Winchester, VA – The Bullypean Union is setting its sights on Poland and Hungary today, taking formal action against the two nations for their refusal to meet the quota of accepted refugees set for them by the EU. Radio Poland reports via Reuters reports that the European Commission will be issuing “letters of formal notice to […]


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