Today on the Barrett Brief: -Pelosi uninvited Trump to SOTU -Gillibrand jumps in  -Alex Jones booted off Roku -And the World Famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”

The “Radio The Way It Should Be Company Presents: Cross-Dressing The Way It Should Be! Mandeville, LA – In response to the inconceivable outpouring of support for the “rights” of men to use facilities including showers, reserved for women and girls, the shows on the CRUSADE Channel including the Mike Church Show and The Mark Kreslins […]

The Radio The Way It Should Be™ Company Presents: Ron Paul – Congress The Way It Should Be! Mandeville, LA  – Leading libertarian politician Ron Paul started out in medicine. After graduating from Duke University’s medical school in 1961, Ron Paul soon went on to become a military doctor. He served with the U.S. Air […]

Mandeville, LA – New listener Dean Christensen, writes us to say: Subject: Testimonial from somebody that didn’t follow you in the old station in the old country Dear, King Dude I had a friend beg me for years to start listening to you when you were on Sirius but I never would because of the […]

Mandeville LA – The CRUSADE Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network, is proud to announce our first listener/network partnership: The CRUSADE Café initiative. The CCI is conceived as a way to help bring CRUSADE Channel listeners together to enjoy their favorite radio station-The CRUSADE Channel-and promote small, community based businesses too. All that is […]

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