Winchester, VA – Born in 1581 in Gascony, France, to peasant farmers, Vincent was a smart child, but he was required to work as the herder of his family’s livestock. His father would go on to sell his oxen to finance Vincent’s seminary education at 15.  Vincent’s goal in becoming a priest was to become successful, […]

Winchester, VA – Church Militant is reporting that Libero Milone, the former Vatican auditor general who was forced into resigning in June, spoke to reporters on Saturday in Rome. In his remarks he said, “I feel very sorry for the pope. I had a splendid, indescribable relationship with him, but over the last 18 months, they […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Helena was the mother of the Emperor Constantine. Born in Bithynia in 330, she was married to Constantius, a Roman general, who was made Caesar, or junior emperor, in 293. Constantius later divorced Helena to marry another woman, and their son, Constantine, became Augustus, or emperor, in 306. She returned to the […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Lawrence was born in 225 in Spain and was ordained a deacon by his friend, Pope St. Sixtus II in 257. Despite his youth, he was appointed first of the seven deacons of Rome. In his position, he had charge of the Church’s treasury and riches, and saw to the distribution of […]

Winchester, VA – Patron saint of nurses, Camillus de Lellis was born in Italy in 1550.  First a soldier with an aggressive temperment and a penchant for gambling, Camillus had a conversion at the age of 25 and tried to join the Capuchins but a persistent leg injury prevented his admission. He then went to Rome […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 580 in Nursia, Italy, Saint Benedict received his education in Rome, but he was repulsed by the rampant immorality and fled, making his home for 3 years in a cave at Subiaco. He was drawn out of solitude when he was asked to be the abbot for a local group of […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Peter was a humble, yet impetuous fisherman from Galilee. He first recognized Jesus as the Messiah, at which time Jesus changed his name to Kepha, meaning “rock,” and made him the steward of His coming Church. Peter, Apostle to the Jews, was crucified in Rome upside down by request, around 66 AD. […]


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