The Republic of Texas  Here is what is going on in the Brief. First, Boeing knew about 737 problem before crashes. Second, everyone at got fired after the newspaper was sold. Third, Obese individuals who commute by car more likely to die prematurely Also, NASA and FEMA practice asteroid collision scenario.  Don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin […]

The Republic of Texas Here is what is going on in the Brief. First, we go over the‘s Five takeaways from Barr’s testimony on Mueller. Second, Leftist Activists FORCE Mastercard to vote on banning the “far right”. Third, Putin signs law to disconnect Russia from the World Wide Web. Also playing video games puts […]

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:12am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 – News of the Church and the World. 7m Mueller Update –  There is no evidence of the Trump campaign […]

The Republic of Texas Today we talk about the beginning of the end of the tipping point for Trump, and how the Mueller Report after 2 long years has come up with nothing. Two kids in from Parkland commit Suicide in the span of one week. Also, what do lottery winners really have to pay in taxes […]

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:03 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 – News of the Church and the World. 11:11         11:16           11:21 Mueller […]

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Special Guests Today: Caroline Farrow with her very first edition of the Farrow File Joseph Doyle Andrew Bieszad Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 – News of the […]

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:02 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE 11:10   Al Gore and Global Warming –  Remember when it was called Global Warming?  Now it is called Climate Change. Remember when they tried a massive Carbon Tax? The […]

Today on the Barrett Brief: -Parkland one year later -Russia looks to disconnect their internet form the world -Ellen Page Vs Chris Pratt -And a Valentines Day themed “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”

Today on the Barrett Brief: -People are finally freakin our about the debt -Senate Intelligence Committee finds no collusion -Bloomingdales apologizes for “Fake News” -And the World Famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:15 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE The Martyrs of Compiègne premier last night. Father Peyton and Westwood One – A Cold Call to Bing Crosby and a Radio Program Begins Hollywood and Media – this is what we should be […]

Mandeville, La – This Monday show doesn’t sound like a :case of the Mondays” with Mike making the connection between Slick Hilly’s defeat by Trump that paved the way for today’s epic “summit” with President Putin – could this be the first move toward delivering Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and  what’s Trump’s role […]

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:16 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE 6:25 6:32 HEADLINE: No, Jonah Goldberg, you can’t support abortion and still be a conservative by Calvin Frieburger #ConservativeDumb Let’s be clear: legal abortion is at least as repugnant to conservative principles as any other proposition […]

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:15 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE 6:22 6:28 NATO Festivities – This was a sanitized, easy on the eyes, blue sound stage. Politicians exist to do what? Get reelected! HEADLINE: Trump berates NATO allies and then asks them to double […]

Mandeville, LA – The gig is finally up for those who pinned their illegal war against Syria on the now proven hoax of the Douma chemical weapons “attack”. Mike was way ahead of this curve and predicted this outcome last Tuesday and continued to reveal the truth here daily. Pearson Sharp of OAN News delivers […]

Mandeville, LA – If you haven’t seen A Quiet Place yet, do yourself a favor and go see it. The film beautifully weaves the silence of an abbey, the joy and trials of raising a family and the horror of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise into a work of cinema art that when meditated upon, will […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike reveals what he has theorized as being true: the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria 2 weeks ago was a hoax perpetrated by the “moderate terrorists” John McCain and Lindsay Graham armed and became ISIL. Mike reveals a preview of his upcoming talk series “Civilization in Six Days.” Michael Hichborn of […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike has all the news and incredible revelations on the Trump admin’s bombing of Syria including the likelihood that the “chemical weapon attack” was a hoax/false-flag operation. Featuring analysis from Reverse Deception Radio’s Gregory Carpenter. Mike also interviews the founder of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller.   Time  Red Pill Topics […]

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel’s European correspondent, Iben Thranholm, checks in 2 days after the Russian elections which she chronicled, LIVE from Moscow and reports “…they don’t know why…they just don’t understand why the Americans hate them so because the Russians don’t hate them”. This is the ‘Murican propaganda machine’s at their best including […]

Mandeville, LA – The Feast of Saint Joseph. The re-election of Vladimir Putin. The canonization of Stephen Hawking and mike talks to one of the founders of Hogs For The Cause! PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER CONTENT-ALL Membership Levels Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:15 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE […]

Mandeville LA – A look at Syria, Turkey and other key players in the 10 year conflict and how “American Deceptionalism” has not helped, but only stirred the pot defeating peace at every turn.

Mandeville, LA – Free Phone Friday at its best! Lots of great calls, Debbie Schlussel’s Movie Reviews and Mike’s “crafty” plea for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biehl to save the Free World by converting to Catholicism—PUBLICLY. Don’t laugh, LISTEN! Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:13  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on February […]

Winchester, VA – CNN reports that the House Intelligence Committee voted yesterday evening to release a classified memo which is believed to detail FBI surveillance abuses. The memo was written by committee chairman Devin Nunez, and claims that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (or FISA) surveillance law was abused through the use of the infamous dossier […]

EPISODE 510 >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – What Could Top The Trumpzilla Campaign? How About A Change And hOprah Campaign? – The secular Satan-worshipping left is soooo butt-hurt from the nearly 3 year long smackdown Donald Trump has meted out to it it is publicly throwing a Staubach to Pearson (the inappropriately named Haily Mary pass): “Trump […]

Winchester, VA – Zero Hedge is reporting that over 10,000 text messages which were exchanged between FBI veteran agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page, investigators on the Russia probe and the Clinton email scandal, were handed over to Congress yesterday evening and were made public. Strzok and Page were having an extramarital affair while […]

Is War With Iran Now Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan Donald Trump was not elected to fight the Middle East’s conflicts—or so some of us thought. With his declaration Friday that the Iran nuclear deal is not in America’s national interest, President Donald Trump may have put us on the road to war with Iran. […]

Winchester, VA – Just breaking in the last hour is news that Facebook has experienced worldwide outages this morning. The Daily Caller reports that the social media giant was registering 2,000 outage reports every twenty minutes, according to Facebook’s outage reporter. Some of the areas experiencing the outages were the United States, Canada, Turkey, India, Russia, […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday we reported on mass evacuations which took place in Russia after fake bomb threats were phoned in to various locales. At the time of yesterday’s broadcast, the number evacuated was 10,000. The Guardian reports that over 100,000 people ended up being evacuated from dozens of locations all around Moscow. The Independent reports […]

Winchester, VA – Revisiting the North Korean situation, the New York Post reports that Russia and China have given their support to the U.N. Security Council’s sanctions against North Korea, with one caveat. The two nations’ UN ambassadors have reiterated that they agree on the four no’s: no regime change, no regime collapse, no stepped-up reunification […]

Winchester, VA – Press TV is reporting that ISIS is preparing to make its last stand in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr province, one of the last remaining holdouts of the terrorists, who are headed to the region from Mosul and Raqqa. Russian General Staff spokesman General Sergey Rudskoy said that although most of the terrorists have now […]

Winchester, VA – Finland and Russia were the scenes of stabbing attacks on Friday and Saturday. The Daily Caller reports that five Moroccan citizens were arrested in connection with a stabbing incident in which two people were killed and eight more were injured in the Finnish City of Turku.  During the attack, the assailants could be […]

Winchester, VA – Famed comedic actor Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91. Born Joseph Levich in 1926 to Russian Jewish immigrants. He was a performer from his youth and at the tender age of 5 and would perform on stage alongside his parents.  Later on he would team up with singer Dean Martin, […]

Winchester, VA – The Stream is reporting that in an attempt to secure some sort of financial security for his struggling nation, Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro is handing unprecedented control of its state-owned oil assets to Russia. The Associated Press reports that Venezuela has $6 billion in debt payments coming due this year and only has […]

Winchester, VA – NPR reports that Jared Kushner issued a statement yesterday before a closed door meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee, denying that he had any collusion with Russia during then candidate Trump’s campaign, and also denying any awareness of anybody else in collusion with Russia. Today, Mr. Kushner meets with the house Intelligence Committee.

Winchester, VA – The Washington Examiner reports that Donald Trump Jr. has been embroiled in controversy over a meeting with a Russian lawyer in June of 2016. Trump said that he accepted the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya after it had been suggested that she had “sensitive” information about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As it turned […]

Winchester, VA – All eyes were on Hamburg, Germany this past weekend as American President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time. President Trump at the outset pressed President Putin about allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, which he denied, and afterwards claimed that President Trump accepted his denial. […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters is reporting that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed yesterday that the administration had discovered evidence that the Syrian Government is preparing another chemical attack on its citizens. The White House gave no specifics, but said that it appeared similar preparations were being made as happened prior to a chemical attack […]

Winchester, VA – Secretary of Defense James Mattis testified last night before the House Armed Services Committee covering multiple issues such as Russia, North Korea, and American combat readiness. Time reports that of Russia, Secretary Mattis said “At this time…I do not see any indication that Mr. Putin would want a positive relationship with us. That […]

Mandeville, LA – In Segment 3 of today’s Mike Church Show, the sagacious and candid, Danish essayist Iben Thranholm joins Mike for 50 minutes of talk-radio you will not soon forget. Thranholm reveals the apostasy drenched state of affairs in former Christendom that Thranholm describes as “far more barbaric than when the Apostles converted the Vikings… at […]

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