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I have 3 important updates today on the outrage and crisis at the St. Benedict Center on my website. Please feel free to share!


HEADLINE: Who Would Have Known…? by Anthony Esolen

  • So Lutherans had to come to the rescue.
  • Where were all the Catholics?

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HEADLINE: Let Us ‘Go to Joseph’: Ite Ad Ioseph! by Brother Andre Marie

  • The coat of arms for the Diocese of Manchester has the lily on it.
  • Anytime you see the lily they are invoking St. Joseph.

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HEADLINE: DIOCESE OF MANCHESTER: Father James Martin Good, St. Benedict Center Bad by Michael Matt

  • When did the act of homosexuality become acceptable with Catholics? When did this become okay with our faith?
  • Where was the Bishop on this?
  • Why didn’t the Bishop write something about this?
  • Why didn’t the faithful stop this??
  • Yet the SBC cannot teach “extra ecclesiam nulla salus”
  • “We wonder where the Pope of Mercy would come down on such ecclesial exclusivity.  Shouldn’t the Church of Accompaniment be, well, accompanying the St. Benedict Center, rather than casting them into outer darkness?  Can it possibly be that our brothers and sisters up in New Hampshire are too Catholic to qualify for accompaniment?”
  • THIS is what the issue is: “No man can find salvation except in the Catholic Church. Outside the Catholic Church one can have everything except salvation. One can have honor, one can have the sacraments, one can sing alleluia, one can answer amen, one can have faith in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, and preach it too, but never can one find salvation except in the Catholic Church.”
  • Trouble Is – this isn’t the Saint Benedict Center. This is St. Augustine of Hippo in his Sermo ad Caesariensis Ecclesia plebem.
  • “But, what did St. Augustine know? He was only a Father of the Church who didn’t have the benefit of Vatican II to help set him straight.” 
  • Their “crime” is to defend dogmas, not deny them like the good little Catholics in Novus Ordo Land are wont to do.
  • I know many of the parishioners that go to the SBC Church and attend Mass on Sundays.
  • I have witnessed the Brothers and Sisters in action, the one thing I can say that is important, I have NEVER witnessed any of them treat anyone that disagrees with the dogma they practice with anything other than with charity, dignity and respect!
  • When you read the accusations against the SBC, it sounds like they are chastising anyone that disagrees with them.
  • If you have ever spent any length of time with any of them, you would know this simply isn’t true!
  • There is something really rotten about this folks.

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St. Padre Pio –

  • How many of you know the story of St. Padre Pio?

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Special Guest actor Kevin O’Brien who played the voice for Father Brown in our newest Sherlock Holmes feature.

  • How many times have you done Father Brown?
  • Audio Book – 12 stories in the first volume won best audio book award.
  • So twice if you count that as two projects.
  • We did the film on EWTN so that is 2.
  • Then what I did for you with this Sherlock Holmes feature so that is 3.
  • Unless you are a real mystery person, you may not know Father Brown.
  • I do Columbo – TV series is based on Father Brown, this is the American version of it.
  • He seems inconsequential, he seems absent minded and so on, because of this…people took him for granted. So it looked as if he almost “accidentally” stumbled across the answer.

AUDIO: from the final mixed version of the Sherlock Holmes feature

The book of Tobit or Tobias –

  • Theological elements in Sherlock Holmes Stories – I teach some through Online Connections which is a Catholic Online Homeschool service.
  • Chesterton takes that and add God to the stories he tells.
  • There is something that fascinates us that is why these stories are timeless.
  • We always see these stories through the lens of Watson.
  • Almost like a Laurel and Hardy – they make them almost into a comedy duo.
  • It was on PBS back in 1970 or something.
  • He was raised Catholic, born in Scotland into an Irish Roman Catholic Church so yeah….there are some Catholic undertones in his Sherlock writings.
  • He went New Age after the age of 21 but he had the Catholic influence young.
  • 5 part series Deliver Us From Evil with Ralph Sarchie 3pt series on Amityville. This all started on Long Island the Fox Sisters.
  • The history and story of the patent on the Ouija Board. He was a spiritous.
  • Not only do we have that board, we still have the ghost tours and ghost shows as well.
  • LIVE THEATRE – Mike and Kevin read lines LIVE on air. (page 8)

Father Brown (Kevin O’Brien) and Sherlock Holmes (Mike Church)

  • The author was pleased with our production and dramatization of this so that is saying  a great deal!
  • – the only attitude toward life that makes any sense.

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AUDIO/VIDEO: The Young Pope – Pius XIII Amazing/Diabolical Speech



AUDIO/VIDEO: GILLETTE We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

HEADLINE: Gillette’s Latest Commercial Is An Anti-Man Dumpster Fire by D.C. McAllister

  • Traditional Masculinity -define this for me please.
  • What these people are referring to is NATURE!
  • We are different than females because of nature.

HEADLINE: We Don’t Need Less Traditional Masculinity, We Need More by D.C. McAllister





Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

  • Gillette Commercial – I didn’t see the actual commercial but I saw all the articles about it.
  • My son goes to the TFP so there is no chance he will harass women. They are taught to be men of character.
  • The Soy Boy movement.
  • We all know about the Sex and the City show. That started all this soy boy crap. These women left boys in the wake as they whored around the city.
  • In every era they just compound the error!
  • The more things change the more they stay the same.
  • They want to have their cultural adherences to whatever ideology they create.
  • Lesbian – it was an island of women upset about the fact of they were being ABUSED. This was NOT toxic masculinity.
  • We don’t put Christ at the center of what we do.
  • This is the problem we face today.
  • The 10 Wonders of the Rosary – book

HEADLINE: Cardinal Wuerl knew about Theodore McCarrick. And he lied about it. by Editorial Board

  • Some Cardinals have had their passports revoked. What happens to a conclave at that point?
  • Who can actually show up then?
  • Father Martin is allowed to roam about the country promoting homosexuality and is doing FAR more damage than the Brothers and Sisters at the St. Benedict Center.
  • This is just upside-down for people practicing the faith.
  • This is the start of open prosecution.
  • He has changed the system of cloister, changed the requirements….assaulting the Holiest portions of the Church trying to make them more engaged in society. These are specifically designed to NOT be social so they can pray for us!
  • This was just a hit piece and I think this has been orchestrated.
  • The Fishers are complicit in this attack.
  • It is incumbent upon the Bishop to prove they have done something against Catholic teaching. If he doesn’t he is unjustly persecuting a Catholic entity.
  • From the Mike Church Show Chatroom: The chrism of the order is “slaves”…obedience to the end, even to a bad bishop and holy father. If it be the will of God that they cease, then yes.

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