The Barrett Brief – Everyone Wants To Be President but Don’t Realize That Trump IS the President

Written by on 03/26/2019

Mandeville, La

  • A Writer for the New York Post Sets Up A “March Mueller Madness” Bracket
  • The B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front) All The Stories of the Day
  • Sodomite Mayor Southbend of Indiana Gains With Crowds Campaign Spots and TV Ads For Presidential Campaign
  • Ten Things the AP wants You To Want to Know
  • Business News Boeing Crisis Could Hurt Economy More Than the Last Gov’t Shutdown
  • Why Do People Believe In Conspiracy Theories? Could it be In The Personality?
  • Michael Avenatti Caught Extorting Nike For 20 Million USD
  • Avenatti Type Characters are Grabbing onto Trumps Coat-tails thinking they Can Stop Him
  • Apple Has A Credit Card Now?
  • Disney to Release a Streaming Service To Rival Netflix and Likely Conquer the Market
  • You Gotta Be Kiddin Me
  • Mike Church Show’s Mike Church Crosstalks About Space Suits

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