The Barrett Brief – The Left’s Real Issues Lie Beyond Borders

Written by on 04/05/2019

Mandeville, La

  • The B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front)
  • Trumps Repost of a Meme Of Joe Biden Is Upsetting So Sensitive Folk
  • Top Ten Things the AP Wants You To Know
  • Venezuelan Children are Now Forced Parts of A Narrative that You NEED To Be Indoctrinated
  • Virtue of the Day is Strength
  • Border Arrests Are Surging But Leftists Are Saying Trumps Rhetoric Is Inflaming the Issue
  • Number of Murders in El Salvador 2017 Homicide Rate 60.07 Per 100,000 Inhabitants
  • Number of Murders in St Louis Missouri 2017 Homicide Rate 66 Per 100,000 Inhabitants
  • Media Multitasking Linked to Obesity, Yeah Fat is Sent Over SMS Because, Science?
  • A Glass of Red Wine a Night Might Be Bad For You, Depending on Your Genetics Study Shows

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