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HEADLINE: Model reveals ‘secret eight-year affair with Woody Allen that began when she was 16 – and their threesomes with Mia Farrow’ by Daniel Bates

  • I cannot imagine an old man attempting to have sex with my daughters when they were 16.

HEADLINE: Desmond: The Bacha Of Brooklyn by Rod Dreher

  • A teenage actress being courted by a 41 year old actor, her parents encouraged her to engage with Woody Allen.

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HEADLINE: 11-Year-Old Boy Dressed In Drag Dances At Gay Bar, Gets Dollar Bills Thrown At Him by Amanda Prestigiacomo

  • AUDIO/VIDEO: I’m Just A Girl by No Doubt
  • This is pedophila disguised as “gay” entertainment.
  • We are openly parading our children in front of predators!
  • What happens here next? Who are we to judge…that is what happens next.

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Topic – Daredevil Netflix original (I purchased from iTunes)

HEADLINE: The Brilliant and Profoundly Catholic Daredevil by Bradley J. Birzer


  • AUDIO: Episode 8 from season 1 – Daredevil asks a Priest about the evil that is all around him. (Do you believe in the Devil?)
  • The Daredevil character has been blind since he was like 9 years old.


How many of you know who Allan Bloom is?

HEADLINE: Allan Bloom on Mick Jagger by Jon Rowe

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BACK TO HEADLINE: The Closing of the American Mind Allan Bloom on Mick Jagger by Jon Rowe

  • Jagger caught on because Bishop Sheen had receded.
  • The Church recedes before the culture.
  • It does NOT happen that the Church Militant is defeated. It cannot happen. She will NEVER be defeated!
  • The Faithful have surrendered. That is how this has been allowed to happen.
  • Allan Bloom was a gay Atheists. He died from AIDS I believe.
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 HEADLINE: Pope Francis: Former popes ignored mercy in using ‘inhuman’ death penalty by Diane Montagna






Special Guest Joseph Pearce –

You can follow Joseph Pearce at the American Conservative

  • The 11 year old drag queen dancing in a Sodomite club and the sodomite GROWN men are throwing money at him.
  • Impregnated another super model at the age of 75.
  • The point of growing older is to grow up.
  • He isn’t a role model for anything.
  • “75 he has had every change to grow up and he hasn’t”
  • This culture is unsustainable. We are watching its suicide happening right now.
  • They have the highest addiction rates, the highest suicide rates, they are the most unhappy people in the world.
  • These people are addicted to following their own appetites. If you follow your appetites, you become a SLAVE to your appetite.

HEADLINE:  Discussing “Capitalism” by Joseph Pearce

  • We are fallen creatures.
  • If everyone behaved perfectly, like true Saints, that would be a correct statement but we are in-fact fallen creatures.
  • My favorite Christmas movie is Jingle All the Way. – Joseph Pearce
  • Pride blinds us! – We have to rekindle those eyes of wonder. That of a child. It begins with humility.
  • Wonder leads to contemplation…and so on.
  • Simon Tolkien: I vividly remember going to church with him [J.R.R.] in Bournemouth. He was a devout Roman Catholic and it was soon after the Church had changed the liturgy from Latin to English. My grandfather obviously didn’t agree with this and made all the responses very loudly in Latin while the rest of the congregation answered in English. I found the whole experience quite excruciating, but my grandfather was oblivious. He simply had to do what he believed to be right. He inherited his religion from his mother, who was ostracised by her family following her conversion and then died in poverty when my grandfather was just 12. I know that he played a big part in the decision to send me to Downside, a Roman Catholic school in Somerset.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: The Holly and the Ivy
  • Mark Stein and his Christmas song. He absolutely hates the new music.
  • $64 Billion Question – If our shared audience were students in a Joseph Pearce class, and you wanted them to return you would say what? –  A Merry Christmas and I would stress “Merry” it is meant to be happy and joyful. The Christ child will be born in their hearts.
  • Their Christmas reading assignment Charles Dickens Christmas Carol and Hellaire Bellock Remaining Christmas. Christmas Eve – hear me read 12th night poem and Bellock Remaining Christmas.
  • G.K. Chesteron’s – The Shop of Ghosts
  • Sherlock Holmes – new feature (plays audio for new promo music)

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May Our Lady bless you with Her Holy Child!

In Her Immaculate Heart,

Sister Maria Philomena, MICM

  • So that means they are able to purchase 20,000 Miraculous Medals!!!






 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute


  • The information was sent by someone who tried to change things from the inside, got nowhere.
  • This person sent me photographs of things going on with that campus.
  • So I decided to look into this and found all sorts of professors that were teaching some very horrific things.
  • Marian University –


  • This stuff isn’t abating, it is only getting worse.
  • This all started at Notre Dame. It was one of the first to fall.
  • For a University that will allow this type of dissidents daily and say a Hail Mary at the end of a football game, it is a slap in the face.
  • They loose their integrity and allegiance to Christ the King when they attempt to
  • When a professor at a Catholic University is posting on his FB page publicly, saying they are happy sodomites can marry…you have lost the argument!
  • It is either FULL acceptance or you are a homophobe.
  • This stuff here screams DEATH! (speaking of transgender people and sodomites)
  • There is no escape unless you turn away from it cold turkey.
  • You have to accept Jesus and accept that you are seeking all the wrong things.
  • “Cultural Marxism doesn’t like to be exposed! He will push back and name call in efforts to shut you down and shut you up.” – Michael Hichborn
  • When can I republish this piece on my site?
  • Before you leave, talking about outrages….Pope Francis

HEADLINE: Pope Francis: Former popes ignored mercy in using ‘inhuman’ death penalty by Diane Montagna

  • So Pope Francis is saying every Pope before him had it WRONG!
  • So these Canonized Roman Catholic Popes that came before the almighty Papa Francis were WRONG!
  • Our Lord didn’t even correct his OWN death penalty.
  • The Lord NEVER allowed a false claim to stand in front of him.
  • Asia Bibi is seeking asylum from the Catholic Church and Pope Francis has said NOTHING!

HEADLINE: Asia Bibi’s Christmas will be in a ‘closed room’: British spokesman by Dorothy Cummings McLean

  • Maintain our patience, recognize this Pope will be judged by Our Lord. We need to pray for him. He has a lot to answer for and he needs our prayers. We will see a day when he no longer holds the Chair of St. Peter.
  • Two book recommendations:
  • Pope Francis’s Paridigm Shift by Jose Antonio Ureta
  • Can a Pope be…. a heretic? by Arnaldo Xavier da Silver

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