The Constitution Hour Episode 52: The Filibuster, A Minority Veto That Needs To Go

Written by on 04/05/2017


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Mandeville, LA – Dr. Kevin Gutzman and Mike Church roll out another no-holds barred discussion on the ridiculous abuse of the Filibuster which amounts, when wielded by Democrats, as a veto the minority party can wield. Gutzman reminds listeners of the sagacious adage of Professor Michael F Holt: “No matter what other party is in power or what they are doing, we always hate the Democrats more.” Mike and Kevin also talk about California’s legal, legally unassailable right to secede from the ‘Murican Union if they choose too and the non-shock shock that Dear Leader Obama had his henchwoman Susan Rice spy on on Trump.

This Constitution Hour’s “Did You Know!?” – Richard Nixon was impeached because he used what federal agency to wage political war against his enemies?

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