The Farrow Files, Unleashed! Pilot Episode Featuring Our UK Correspondent Caroline Farrow

Written by on 03/18/2019

Special Guest now the Special UK Correspondent Caroline Farrow

Telethon affairs called Comic Relief – phone in and they do comedy and all the money goes to starving kids in Africa.

Most of the money in the UK goes to sexual/reproductive health which we all know is abortion and contraception.
They updated 4 weddings and a funeral.

HEADLINE: MUM APPROVED: Mums make porn film for their kids to watch after witnessing rape-based internet sex as part of new TV show by Fay Strang

Instead of looking at the porn and say, this is terrible stuff and we should try to end it…they say…let’s do it BETTER! That’s like saying, I think my son may become an alcoholic b/c this brand of vodka so you make your very own vodka for him!

Porn is ruining peoples lives just like alcohol. It interferes with the hardwiring of their brains. We don’t need the state trying to clinicalize sex.

Why don’t they teach WAIT UNTIL YOUR MARRIED?

He wants us to use our free will to love Him but He also wants us to use our free will to ask for Grace. God left us all the materials needed to get to Heaven.

HEADLINE: Social services threaten to take autistic boy into care after his parents refuse to let doctors give him powerful sex-change drugs by Sanchez Manning and Holly Bancroft

Autistic girls still want to be popular and all but they don’t have the social skills required to be popular.

There is a link b/w anorexia and transgenderism in the Autistic community.

Trans kids are like the new cool!

Autistic girls are showing 1,000% increase with gender dysphoria.

HEADLINE:  I Was America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person. It Was All a Sham by Jamie Shupe

There is an abortion industry, there is a trans industry, and a contraception industry. They are doing all of this for profit.

Women do not need abortion.

How do we treat people with anorexia?

Do we tell them, yes we agree with you, you are fat and we think you should continue on the non-eating regime?

NO of course we don’t! We try to help them with the MENTAL disorder they have.

4th Wave – Tweet Storm

Straight up pedophilia!

What parent gives his little 6 year old  a plastic penis and says yes pretend you’re a little boy.

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