The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes – With FREE Act I “The Visit” Preview

Written by on 01/16/2019

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel will broadcast the first of many, original, old school radio dramas. The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes is the first and boy howdy is it a doozy! Featuring two of the most memorable characters in all of Western literature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown. This soon to be classic is now available as a CD and as an On-Demand Digital Download!

RUNTIME: 1 hr 32 minutes

Format: Stereo

Order the CD version and you can also order the suitable for framing, signed and numbered, limited edition movie poster!


An All Original & NEW, Sherlock Holmes Adventure!

In this new, never told story, Holmes deals with his past and confronts his future. How will he explain his mistakes when his reputation is one of perfection?

Whether you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Scooby-Doo, or Radio Classics; this will hit home. Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem abounds in a quality telling of a Sherlock Holmes tale that is both unexpected and revealing. A family safe program, unlike the Wil Farrell movie being released next week.

Two men meet for the first time: Sherlock Holmes and a priest.

One of the men has a secret.

And as a murder is unearthed, a murderer is revealed.

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The CD version with 3 hours of BONUS, CRUSADE Channel Radio-Dramas including The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes – Amityville Horror Episode 1, at



1. Act I “The visit”

2. Act II “The Crime”

3. Act III “The Confession”

4. Special Feature – Mike Church on the Making of The Last Confession

5. Special Feature – Mike Church & Kevin O’Brien – LIVE LCSH!

6. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – Thev Deliver Us From Evil Tapes S1 E1

7. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – The Pearcing Truth – May The Cross Be With You, Always…” S1 E9

8. Special Feature – The Mike Church Show – Not This Time Libs: Demoncrats Responsible For Kavanaugh Slander Must Be Outed & Punished

9. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – TWA Flight 800 Episode 1

10. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – True Money Show Zero to Hero, Ramon Salazar


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