The Laughable Heresy of A July 4th “Mass To Celebrate ‘Muricah!” – Michael Hichborn

Written by on 07/03/2019

Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

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The Narrow Path – Roman Emperor

  • 620’s he is considered the first Crusader
  • He went to Jerusalem and recovered the True Cross.
  • Narrow path is through HUMILITY

HEADLINE: Your Catholic Week in Review (Narrow Gate Edition!) by Michael Hichborn

HEADLINE: How US bishops’ ‘Mass for Independence Day’ falls short of Catholic teaching by Peter Kwasniewski

  • Did you know there was a Mass for Independence Day?

AUDIO: When We Eat This Bread and Drink This Cup


  • John Adams was a well known Anglican.
  • He would have been known at the time as a High Anglican.
  • We aren’t building the Kingdom of Heaven and it certainly doesn’t belong here on Earth. Their closing is straight up heresy.
  • US Bishops Affirm – US Census

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