The Mike Church Show 101416 Seg 1-2: Do We Have A Moral Obligation To Oppose The Evil That Is Hillary?

Written by on 10/14/2016


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Mandeville, LA – It is not a joke any longer.  The time for games is over! People are not dealing with the reality that we are all staring down right now.  Wikileaks has done the remnants of Christ a favor: our worst nightmares and fears have been confirmed about the powers that be that govern us.  Good government requires the consent of the governed, correct?  As such, we are at the point where it is our right and duty–according to Jefferson–to reduce the current Clinton-administration (Obama-administration) government.  We live under a government that wishes to reduce us to absolute despotism.

Under a Clinton administration, the soon-to-be-born even 16 minutes from birth would have no constitutional rights.  What an absolutely sick point of view.  When IS the child actually born?  There is peril in this.

Hillary Clinton and her team are evil: they are corrupt liars, murderers and killers, have no shame in killing noncombatants, and they are reprobate apostates, among other things.  We must recognize these people for what they are.

What else did we learn from Wikileaks?  Mike reads from Patrick Buchanan’s essay at The American Conservative, “Anti-Catholics and Elitist Bigotry”, continuing to demonstrate how Hillary Clinton and her team are diabolical.

Mike takes free phone Friday phone calls, then Debbie Schlussel joins the show for movie reviews.

Moving to a different topic, Mike shares a clip of Michelle Obama’s hypocrisy.  Mrs. Obama called out the alleged actions of Donald Trump at a rally, yet somehow forgot that people such as BFF Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Ludacris (among others) have visited the White House.


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