The Mike Church Show 111616: There Should Actually Be A Clamor To Separate INSIDE The States

Written by on 11/16/2016

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Mandeville, LA – There are many people out there who lament Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote and losing the election.  To provide an alternate look at the election results, Mike shares details of candidate victories at the county level.  Interesting to note that in most states won by Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump won a majority percentage of the counties.  It is an eye opener.  Donald Trump won 2,649 counties to Hillary Clinton’s 528; that is an 83%-17% win for Trump!  For all of you screaming banshee loser punks who are refusing to take a shower, get a job: get a clue.  You lost the election by a landslide.  The reality is that Mrs. Clinton did not win a majority; she didn’t win a majority outside of a major metropolitan area.

A point is made about the problem of scale that has been made evident by the county-by-county results of the election.  The clamor to separate shows that there should actually be a clamor to separate inside the states themselves.  Mike reads an essay, “Don’t hide your white privilege under a bushel”, on the Zippy Catholic WordPress site.  An excerpt:

Liberalism is the political philosophy of American white people and dominates global politics, despite the fact that white people have always represented a small minority of the global population.  As an insane, anti-real political philosophy liberalism requires a constant expenditure of economic energy to keep reality at bay.

There are two perfect entities, both equal in the affairs of men: the church and the state.  Without question and fail, the church is the one that rules inerrantly.  The state cannot make law, promulgate policy, nor encourage action that does not keep with the law and teaching of the church.

Let’s think about this for a moment: there are people who have moved away from the urban centers because they do not want to participate in the immorality and licentiousness such as seen in the Washington state city of Seattle.  There is a camaraderie of paganism in large urban centers.  It is almost as though, in order to restore balance and tradition to our affairs, states and people who live in states should hold conventions wherein it is discussed: why shouldn’t larger urban areas, such as cities, become their own political sovereign entities?

Are states a relic of the past?  Mike explores the topic and takes phone calls.  We–Americans– have taken the once-beautiful solidarity that was the Roman Catholic faith and dismantled it, perverted it, made it up as we went along; as a result, there are now 39,000 disparate denominations.  We only need one if we’re one American people, right?  Where were the men when the high altars were destroyed?  Where were they when the stained glass windows were broken? Catholic men were too busy enjoying the American dream and getting drunk on the cup of ‘Muricanism.


More from The Zippy Catholic, as heard on today’s show:

The phenomenon of white flight, of physical separation between the ideological cannon fodder classes and the liberal ruling class, represents the harvest of this economic energy. Functional liberal ruling and productive working classes require a frontier into which they can escape from the consequences of liberalism’s triumphs.

What cities like Baltimore and Detroit show is that even in America this is breaking down: instead of the head fake of ‘peak oil’ we have started to reach a real hard limit of ‘peak suburbia’. Whether or not there is an alternate economic energy resource available in the US to fuel liberalism’s suspension of reality is open to speculation, as is how much more can be squeezed out of the existing capacity.

But it does seem pretty clear that the resource which has actually fueled liberalism in America up to this point – relatively easy availability of white flight – is in fact threatened by mass immigration, because mass immigration materially reduces available white flight options.

This is why I conclude that right-liberal immigration restrictionism is an act of self preservation on the part of liberalism. If you want the golden eggs you can’t kill the goose, despite the fact that the more insane (a.k.a. “left”) liberals want to see white people disappear forever in some sort of plausibly deniable Final Solution brought about by consensual breeding choices.” The Zippy Catholic

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