The Mike Church Show Episode 277: Irony: The Cult Of Death Lives Via Facebook Live

Written by on 01/09/2017

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Mandeville, LA – The Judgement Pornosphere™ At Not So Golden Globes – “Hollywood” belches out a never-ending stream of mortally-sinful tripe, assisting tens of millions into fulfilling Our Lady’s promise from Fatima that “millions of souls will fall into Hell like snowflakes” but no matter! Actors have earned the right to act all actor-ie and pronounce what is good and what is bad, and President Trump is BAD, just ask Golden Glove, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Meryl Streep. In accepting her award for ACTING, Streep reminded the few people watching, that Trump allegedly made fun of a physically disabled reporter and it was beneath the dignity of the office of the Presidency. Never mind that Trump did not mock the reporter in question’s disability, Streep’s audience and “Hollywood” don’t bother with facts and why should they when manufacturing apostasy as entertainment is so much fun. If Streep wants to protect and defend the disabled, why not spend the moments of her speech denouncing the 4 black teenagers who planned the executed the diabolical plot to abduct then torture 18 year old Austin Hilbourn? Hillbourn’s mental disability and the real-life fact that he was targeted because he was white AND disabled is what actual hate-crime “acting” looks like, Ms Streep.

Facebook LIVE Provides ‘Muricans With The Ability To See REAL Violence, Not The Jason Bourne Kind, Yeah! – Our children will see the images of tens of thousands of people being killed by the time their twenty and yet some wonder why something like FaceBook LIVE would be used to broadcast the real-world equivalent of this and then the real-world consequences via comments. shares and “likes”. An average ‘Murican yewt will witness 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 deaths on TV (according to a study done at the University of Michigan), this does not include video games. What else can possibly be the result of long-term exposure to the cult of death especially considering that The Church no longer exercises much authority to counteract the violence? The WaPo published an editorial questioning whether Facebook’s “LIVE” video streaming isn’t tailor made FOR the broadcast of hatred and violence. This is the world in which social media’s promotion of prideful obsession is taking us and short of a divine intervention, it is only going to get worse.

Will Doctors Go Trans Or Will They Go Carmelite – A woman who mistakenly believes she is a man, has sued a Catholic hospital to force them to violate their faith by assisting in her transition. The fact that doctors are now encouraging patients to physically mutilate their bodies is shocking enough, add to that the charge that people of faith must surrender that Faith and then ASSIST in the mutilation is the end of days. Here is the pertinent question: even IF a Federal Judge orders St John’s hospital to mutilate Jionni Conforti, can they actually compel a doctor and team of nurses to actually perpetrate the act? If so, the we are now at the threshold of red martyrdom and doctors may be the first to earn that crown.

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