The Mike Church Show Episode 292: What’s Wrong with “Extreme Vetting”?

Written by on 01/30/2017


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Mandeville, LA – The “Extreme Vetting” Of Muslims Will Lead To More Terrorism? – Paul Pillar opines that President Trump’s Executive Order aka Extereme Vetting will actually lead to more terrorism, excludes the historical fact that “terrorism” has been practiced by the Mohammedan since the 7th century without any foreign assistance. “Such a revolution had never been. No earlier attack had been so sudden, so violent or so permanently successful. Within a score of years from the first assault in 634 the Christian Levant had gone: Syria, the cradle of the Faith, and Egypt with Alexandria, the mighty Christian See. Within a lifetime half the wealth and nearly half the territory of the Christian Roman Empire was in the hands of Mohammedan masters and officials, and the mass of the population was becoming affected more and more by this new thing.” Read the whole book “Heresies” by Belloc here and especially the chapter on the Mohammedans. No foreign encouragement or outrageous act was needed to rile up the marauders of the Mediteranean that President Jefferson was forced to deal with either.

What To Do If You “Wake Up White” By Ohio State University – When I was going to school, there were glass encased boxes mounted on the walls of the hallways that read “In case of emergency, break glass”. Now, at Ohio State “University”, there are classes where students are taught what to do in the emergency of “waking up white”. From the course study guide:

    • Waking up White: What it means to accept your legacy, for better and worse
    • White privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack
    • Here’s the perfect explanation for why White people need to stop saying #AllLivesMatter

Folks, there is no longer a joke that fits these ludicrous excuses for “higher education” because they are becoming dangerous. Richard Weave wrote the famous words “Ideas have consequences” and bearing that in mind, what will the consequences be of indoctrinating a generation of children into denying their genetic construction of race and sex?


Segment 2: Featuring Marjorie Dannenfelser President of the Susan B. Coleman List.

Segment 3: Featuring Chris Ferrera author of “The God That Failed”

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