The Mike Church Show Episode 334: Where Are The “Je Suis Russia” Hedonists?

Written by on 04/04/2017


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Mandeville, LA – Where Are The Hand-Heart, Je Suis Russia Sympathizers!? – The fake charity of The West has been revealed by the near total lack of sympathy for the 14 Russians killed on the Metro Train by a Muslim terrorist yesterday. Apparently, ‘Muricans, Londoners, French and Germans only stand in solidarity with homosexuals, perverts, pornographers. Recall the “je suis Paris” campaign that erupted after terror attacks in Paris in 2014 at a nightclub and at perviously at the offices of pornographers Charlie Hebdo. The silence for the Russians is telling; ‘Muricans can’t be bothered to weep and change their Facebook avatars for the subjects of Vladimir Putin.

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