The Mike Church Show Episode 408: Muricah Could Use A Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Written by on 07/31/2017


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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Guest Discusses My favorite New Film: Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier•Sinner•Saint – I absolutely LOVED this film, so much so we will be selling it in our Founder’s Tradin’ Post Store and I have invited the marketing director of Ignatius Press on today’s show to discuss. “This modern and very human take on the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often called “The Saint of Second Chances” is an incisive and thrilling look at the life of the real man behind the legend.” For a real-life biography of Ignatius, read Rev. Alban Butler’s here’s a preview:

“THE CONVERSION of many barbarous nations, several heretofore unknown to us, both in the most remote eastern and western hemisphere; the education of youth in learning and piety, the instruction of the ignorant, the improvement of all the sciences, and the reformation of the manners of a great part of Christendom, is the wonderful fruit of the zeal with which this glorious saint devoted himself to labour in exalting the glory of God, and in spreading over the whole world that fire which Christ himself came to kindle on earth.”


The Young See The Folly of Going Abroad “In Search of Monsters To Destroy” – The John Quincy Adams Society sponsored a collegiate essay contest on what benefits their generation might glean from ‘Murcia pursuing a far more humble foreign and war policy. The winning essay is a doozy that contains many of the accusations of our elite, ruling masters that have been made for a decade in this space. Consider this passage:

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