The Mike Church Show Episode 424: If You’re Not An Iconoclast You’re A Nazi

Written by on 08/23/2017


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Mandeville, LA – Defend The Confederate’s Statues!! (Oh Wait, That’s Not AC)…Ummm, Remove The Confederates! But Stop There! – You have to marvel at the power the AntiFa and Corporate/Media Industrial Complexes have over anyone who dares to leave their home and venture into public. Case in point: Kyle Sammin, who on the one hand is kinda sure that Confederate monuments should all be removed to Confederate graveyards yet is quite certain that the removals must stop at Jackson, Beauregard and Lee because that would lead to questioning ALL human artifacts and then to madness. OK Kyle, how do you draw the moral and logical line between Robert E. Lee and R.H. Lee, author of the Lee Resolution which is the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the legal statement of secession it proclaims? Both were slave owners, both helped their state withdraw from a binding, legal government and both “levied” war against that former power. So why shouldn’t R.H. Lee, his pal Tommy Jefferson and the other white supremacists who made the Declaration meet Robert E. Lee’s, 2017 fate? But here’s the REAL, 800 ton elephant in the room: the legal case for the Southern State’s secessions is not a question mark. It is an open and shut case: they “had the right to secede” as their Fathers had done. This case is so unambiguous and clearly made in among other works Albert Taylor Bledsoe’s “Is Davis A Traitor?” (NO, he isn’t). Most of the revisionist hatred hurled at the South is because even though most weren’t slave owners they were ALL traitors e.g. ALL their artifacts that remain inside our sacred, post Confederacy temples of worship – government buildings of any sort – must go because the “flag of the enemy” can never be welcome. That’s funny, I see no prohibition on Britannica clothing which adorned with the flag of “our enemy” in not one but TWO wars. Of course, jeans with derriere placed Union Jacks are no elevation above the ‘Murican, sacred flag but give Sammin and the AntiFa time: the Brits were nearly all white guys.

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