The Mike Church Show Episode 455: The Moloch Postulants Try To Silence Pro-Truth Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Written by on 10/11/2017

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Mandeville, LA – The Jesuits As Postulants of Moloch? Yep, Read On – It should be well known that Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit order. It should also be of no surprise that the Jesuit Order has suffered a corruption of Holiness that is now degrading into outright heresy. The Zippy Catholic writes of this under the style “We Are All jesuits Now”: “Amoris isn’t the camel’s nose in the tent: it is the other end of the camel coming into the tent. That doesn’t make the current round of clarification any less urgent, but it is important to have a full and adequate grasp of the situation. Pope Francis is not an innovator. As the first Jesuit pope he is simply completing the centuries long Jesuit project of fighting the Protestant heresy by embracing it.” My talk at St Anthony of Padua this past Sunday which will be available for download later today, hit upon this very topic: 500 years of Protestantism is enough!

Twitter To Pro-Life Baby Defenders: Drop Dead & Take Your “Truth” With You – The fact that I can still string the words together: Planned Parenthood + sells + aborted + baby parts is offensive enough to Almighty G-d the Father. The fact that the social media giant Twitter can actively censor anyone who tries to relay the Truth of the word combination above tells us everything we need to know about the existential need for a new MainStream Media. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of TN produced an ad touting the House’s efforts to end the ghastly sale of aborted baby parts. Blackburn said “I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. Thank God.”  OK, as David Harsanyi points outthis is actually True! The Moloch postulants at Twitter claim they never “banned” anything and the Baguul postulants at the political fish-wrap Politico, bow down before the altar of murdered babies and rush to PP’s defense, assuring apostate readers that “Planned Parenthood consistently denied wrongdoing and never faced criminal charges.” Ummm, so because killing children is legal and the biggest profiteers from the killing weren’t charged for the crimes they commit every second of every “business” day, they earn a clean bill of health! Nothing to see here, citizen-obeyer of God’s Law, move along! Run a google search for the terms: Texas charges planned parenthood in body part sales and watch the for profit sneering, media outlets gave to the criminal charges part of the story: the videographer, David Daleidan, is the real criminal here! Now do you see why we desperately need to create our own MainStreams for not just media but life in general!?

Marvel Fans To MIC Parasite: “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” – Well lo and behold, maybe I have been too hard on the Comic Cons! After Military Industrial Complex leader Northrop Grumman worked a shameless deal to have their lethal, immoral corporation, sainted into the Marvel Comics universe as an ally of The Avengers, thanks to immediate outrage from fans, the deal was scuttled! Jason C Ditz at the AmConMag has a nice write-up on this and offers: “Comic book readers, it seems, are a bit more savvy than the typical media audience. With superhero storylines increasingly built on moral gray areas and asking tough questions about interventionism, teaming the Avengers with a Northrop Grumman-armed group in a Northrop Grumman-supported and branded publication, clearly wouldn’t wash. Let’s face it: if Northrop Grumman’s characters and equipment would only be for “good guys,” that would not be a good read for anybody.” Good guys would know that war is the last of all options; that a “nation” that spends fortunes a future generation hasn’t even earned yet on military hardware, the implements of death, are not “good” but are instead the force that is “bad” and needs to be brought to heel by a sober people, finally cured from their killing obsessions.

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