The Mike Church Show Episode 462: You Will Obey Your New World Order Overlords, Citizen!

Written by on 10/20/2017

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Mandeville, LA – George W. Bush: Peasants, You Will Obey Your New World Order Overlords, Citizen! -Former President George W. Bush, picked up where his father left off, insisting that we peasants get back in our Soylent Green food lines, forget about #MAGA (full disclosure: I’m not a fan either) and surrender to our “sustainable” global overlords because:

“We cannot wish globalism away,” Bush said, noting that the United States must sustain “wise and sustained global engagement

Got that peasant citizen? You will continue the exploitation of the 3rd world for the good of the Bush, Rockefeller and Obama families because Brawndo’s got what ‘Muricans crave. Then, rising on the wings of DeceptiCONS wings, Bush gave Hannity et al a sermon on ‘Murican Exceptionalism and even pronounced what amounts to heresy against it.

“Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed,” he said.

Oh to have prelates in ‘Muricah to proclaim blasphemies against THE CREED, you know, the one that actually matters!?

We’re All Welfare Queens Now – “The ‘Murican dream of a home in a “Pleasant Valley Sunday” neighborhood was the result of social engineering that required tens of TRILLIONS in subsidies.” I attribute the quote to the Mike Church Show because I’ve talked about this issue a couple dozen times the last ten years. It is what I call a paradigm shift and paradigm shifts are almost always man-made events. Now comes some of the proof:

“New Deal policymakers realized that restoring the economy depended on restoring the housing sector. In 1934, they created the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) with two key mandates: •Revive the housing market, and • Make homeownership attainable for more Americans. In pursuing these goals, the FHA determined the design, structure, and location of new private development. In turn, it made suburbia the dominant form of housing in the United States.”

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