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Written by on 05/07/2019

Special Guest Donna Sue Berry and Vicki Schreiner

Holy Face Devotion

VICKI: How did this Holy Face image come into your possession? This image wasn’t in the frame in Chicago and the framer couldn’t understand how this had even lasted. Linen doesn’t usually last 110 years. It is because of WHAT it is. Touched to Veronica’s Holy Veil, the lance that pieced Jesus’ side and the one true cross.

MIKE: 3 things that are made out of fabric, these are holy relics that is why these images hold together so well. It will outlast everyithgelse that is its equal on this Earth.

VICKI: this image has touched Christs blood. You cannot get closer to Jesus on this Earth. Holy relic of the lance –

DONNA SUE: How did this come about that 3 of these relics were saved? During the exposition of these 3 relics…

MIKE: When they ring the bells at St. Peters, this is was their way of texting everyone letting them know to come to the Church.

DONNA SUE: The veil was always covered with silk to protect it from light etc.

MIKE: If you take that image behind you, all the drawings are pretty much the same. The eyes are similar the blood spots are similar. Facial recognition experts have taken the shroud of Turin and the image behind Donna Sue they line up exactly.

DONNA SUE: continues w/ story of the ringing of the bells at St. Peters Church

VICKI: my image came from my great grandma

MIKE: Donna

JOEL: got this image from a man in Malta

MIKE: Holy Man of Tours book is out of print, we will put it back in print here soon. The Holy Face relic was being venerated.

DONNA SUE: reads from Holy Man of Tours book – her image has 24kt gold stitching on it just as the Holy Face of Tours book describes.

DONNA SUE: Convent of St. Joseph in Dallas – write to them and they will send you devotionals. Our Lady of the Assumption in Clear Creek Abby.

DONNA SUE: Rockford Illinois in June we will be traveling there on the 23rd to present to some people on the Holy Face Devotion.

MIKE: You just did a presentation in Duson at Pope Leo Church

MIKE: Golden Arrow Prayer –

DONNA SUE: Our Lord told her –

MIKE QUESTION: Why should you practice this devotion?

DONNA SUE: It softens your heart.

VICKI: St Therese the Little Flower she had a huge devotion to Holy Face. It was her devotion.

MIKE: in her ordination picture St. Therese is holding her families Holy Face Image.

VICKI: her devotion was so strong her last words were to the Holy Face in her room. Up to her last breath she was devoted to the Holy Face.

MIKE: I first discovered the devotion from Julie LaMotte in Duson. It just snowballed from there. Father Janeier wrote the biography –

DONNA SUE: the convent couldn’t talk about this devotion in public. They could practice the devotion in private only. (in Tours)

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