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Written by on 02/27/2019

Mandeville, La

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Is there a difference b/w a homicidal maniac and an infanticidal maniac?

  • I hate to start the show off on a note like this but I simply cannot get over what the Democrats voted down the other day.
  • People are leaving the Democratic party in groves over this.
  • Infanticide is NOT taken lightly as it shouldn’t be.

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HEADLINE: Robespierres Of The Sexual Revolution by Rod Dreher

  • Having a baby breech – you can now legally kill this baby. Since it’s head and shoulders are still in the mom.
  • THIS is how sick we are.
  • Do you remember when Hillary Clinton discussed how it was perfectly fine to kill babies up until the moment of birth?
  • This is how out of control the Democratic party is.
  • If it is capable of killing innocent babies, it is capable of a brand new kind of holocaust!!!!!
  • Something is broken now, this isn’t a “disagreement”, this is murder, this is a separation into camps.
  • 1 camp promotes infanticide and the other doesn’t.


  • Cantwell WA
  • Cortex Masto NV
  • Durbin IL
  • Gillibrand NY
  • Kaine VA
  • Leahy VT
  • Markey MA
  • Menendez NJ
  • Murray WA
  • Reed RI
  • This only happens when the Catholic Church leaves the battle field.
  • If the Catholic Church had Shepherds that were leading their flocks souls to Heaven, THIS wouldn’t have happened. They would have either decided they weren’t Catholic after all or out of fear of being excommunicated, they would have been on the side of life.

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HEADLINE: Left Willing To Condemn Protecting Gay People From Lynchings If Trump Does It by Michael Malice

Trump’s Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality Is an Old Racist Tactic.” Yes, you read that right.

  • Because it has come from President Trump, it must be bad so we have to oppose it.
  • An example of something that would damn your soul to hell and was illegal – ADULTERY.
  • If it is detrimental to the children, it is detrimental to the marriage.
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HEADLINE: Transgender Athletes Who Compete Against Women Are Cheats by Britt McHenry



Conscription of MEN is unconstitutional – the Draft.

The 1st chapter in Who Killed The Constitution discusses this very thing.

  • Conscription was explained and it went down in flames. There is no power in the Constitution to compel men into an army where they forfeit everything.
  • If the State of Louisiana wanted to revise its constitution and add conscription, that would be perfectly legal. (Compulsory National Service)
  • My state can always draft you.
  • Wanna’ know why Switzerland never gets invaded?
  • 19-36 years of age, when you turn 18 you get served your papers.
  • 2/3 of all Swiss men are deemed “fit to serve”.
  • All men are allowed to keep ammunition, weapons and military attire.


Caller Cindy from Florida –

Gingrich was in on the Department of Education.

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 HEADLINE: Transgender Athletes Who Compete Against Women Are Cheats by Britt McHenry





  • Yesterday when discussing Luke Warm Ninnies, I never meant to offend anyone while discussing the topic of TLM vs NOM.
  • We must stop with the luke warm aspects of our Faith.
  • Our faith must spill out from the Church and into our personal lives.
  • Our friends and family should know we are Catholic beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  • Preaching and Works
  • Traditional Catholic Calendar
  • The Calendar has been perfected over the centuries. It is divided up into seasons and is a great handbook for you in following your Catholic faith. A great spiritual road map!




Finally – I want to discuss JOBS.

HEADLINE: Good Jobs … But No Workers by Rod Dreher

  • Any kid with a head on his shoulders who DID take a job in a plant or enter a trade was told repeatedly that he was doing the wrong thing, or wasting his talents.
  • NOW those kids are the SMART kids as those kids that went to college cannot find jobs.
  • Problem is, the plants all see the crisis looming. In the next 10-20 years, about half their skilled workforce is going to retire, and there is nobody behind those people. They all left. Right now, they figure that even if every single local high school graduate went to work in local factories, we would not be able to keep up with demand.
  • Apprentice Programs – they work. We have one here at the Crusade Channel.
  • We need to bring these back. EEOC forbade companies from having unpaid internships.
  • Mike Reads the post from Rod’s article from CARL
  • This town is trying to save their manufacturing industry and keep its kids in their town. They don’t want them going off to other states for college.
  • Remember the movie Rudy?


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