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The Month of St. Joseph – March

HEADLINE: Suggested Lenten Penances by Brother Andre Marie

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Blackface and Social Justice Tiggers

HEADLINE: Everything Is A Trigger by Rod Dreher

AUDIO/VIDEO: 2nd trimester abortion by Dr. Anthony Levatino

  • Northam handed out the cotton while showing students an adjacent cottage to the residence that had once served as a kitchen, asking them to imagine picking the crop as enslaved Africans.
  • Someone somewhere is wearing blackface.
  • Mike reads the parents letter –
  • Mrs. Racially Woke, Mrs. Socially Superior – why send the letter then?
  • You put this woman on trial and sentenced this woman BEFORE you even sent the letter to her.
  • You tried her and convicted her for giving a tour and trying to be historically accurate.
  • She is NOT obligated to even do these tours!
  • If you can make the cotton plant out to be anything other than what its nature, substance and form and people buy into it.

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New Things Coming With The New Time –

  • City of New Orleans has been the background for 13 years…Mrs. O’Connell has put it on trial, voted on it and convicted it. IT IS GONG!
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The Demons Are Ascended And Are After The Children –

HEADLINE: YouTube is demonetizing all videos about Momo

  • Mike tells story of the evil/demonic spirit in the house way back in the day.
  • Demons are all over the place.
  • They can and do travel.
  • This is real stuff people.
  • They have come for the children in every facet of life.
  • Parents are becoming TrannyMammies and more.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Devil and Father Amorth (2017)


HEADLINE: Canadian Court Rules Parents Can’t Stop 14-Year-Old From Taking Trans Hormones by Jeremiah Keenan

What is the 4th Commandment?

A Civilization In 6 Words – Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

  • Who is this commandment directed at? Children?
  • Nothing happens by accident.
  • Is there another Father mentioned in the Bible?
  • Is there a mother mentioned in the Bible?
  • Is there a Divine Mother?
  • Bastards are not natural, they are the unnatural result when you are speaking of marriage.
  • What comes with Honoring? It means obey, obedience.
  • The child is a mental nutjob. We cannot allow someone with mental illness to determine a course of mutilation.

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The BeeGees Super Music Medley





The CPAC – headlines they are running is Kudlow puts Socialism on trial.

  • This is just ridiculous.
  • Oath Against Modernity –
  • CPAC started in 1972 – so that is 47 years of accomplishing nothing.
  • Ronald Reagan famously gave the first speech there.
  • These are SHOWS, they are for entertainment purposes only.
  • Entire issue of Imprimis – the Health DEFECTS of Marijuana use.













Caller Andrew –

  • Robert Sungenis – special relativity and general relativity
  • Sungenis debunks this in an article on his website.
  • Anyone in the audience can read his paper on this.
  • A lot of people believe a lot that is sudo-science.
  • There is 0.0 scientific evidence for general relativity. ZERO!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Relativity Makes Geocentrism Possible Robert Sungenis

  • Relative density – when you drop a quarter from your face.
  • Smaller objects are moved in space (distance b/w something).
  • Newtonian Gravity is wrong according to the scientific establishment. General relativity replaced it.
  • The Scientific Method is what makes something science.
  • NASA came out last week – turns out the moon is in our atmosphere.
  • How can the moon be in our atmosphere?
  • It solves some problems that people have brought to them but it creates some issues for others.
  • The scientific method produces results.
  • Why do you believe in the Bible but not science?
  • Your average guy will invite you to Conspiracy Theory guy.
  • My intent when I called to stay away from conspiracy.
  • Science and Pseudo Science – this was my ultimate goal for the call.



 Gadsden from Illinois –

  • Follow up from Daughter #2 – going off to Boston and her ability to get through school without debt.
  • They were required to fund 60% of their school, we paid for the rest.
  • I am finally departing the Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois!
  • We are going to move to join her in that area in Wisconsin. (callers daughter)
  • La Crosse Wisconsin, the Saints used to have a training camp up there.
  • They are actually pretty Catholic.


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