Wade Razzi – A Call For Future Artisans

Written by on 06/12/2019

Special Guest Wade Razzi professor at American College of Building Arts in SC

  • Rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral – my students could assist in the rebuilding. There aren’t many people that can do so. We have a graduate that is actually working on the project now.
  • That 5 year timeline that the Mayor was talking about is simply unrealistic. You cannot even get the beams cut within 5 years much less have the whole thing replaced.
  • We have 3 students coming in this summer to do plaster.
  • Here is the website – acba.edu
  • We had 3 students Bachelor degrees and 3 Masters so there is hope for humanity.
  • REAL Summer Jobs – Summer externships
  • We have students in England doing some work, at Lincoln Cathedral, and one working on a major restoration of Mt. Vernon.
  • We have more request for students to be interns than we have students.
  • We have requests for: Plaster is the MAIN need currently most of the people that do this are retirement age. Timber carpenters and framers is the next biggest.
  • Timber Framing – goes back to the medieval period. It consists of joining wood together without nails. Advantage to this, it is much more durable, stable way of doing things. 7 story timber frame building approval in Seattle. It has the same fire rating as iron! It has more give and flexibility for earthquakes and things of that nature.
  • The most difficult part is the pitch in the roof. The roof is always the hardest part when doing timber framing.
  • Here is where we cross the line of convenience and desire for modern way of things.
  • Drawing and Drafting class – drawing a series of squares w/ lines at measured intervals. Each box must have a different tip/thickness etc.
  • We ask our kids to determine what they want to do w/ the rest of their lives w/o having done any of those jobs prior to declaring their major. How do they know they want to do that ONE thing, if they have never been given the chance to do it?
  • VIDEO: Thomas Massie from Kentucky 4th district – he is a timber framer

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