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Written by on 03/12/2019

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 Special Guests today: Michael Hichborn and Caroline Farrow

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11:11 Twitter Flash Mobs

  • Why is this happening on Twitter?
  • Why isn’t this happening on say FB or SnapChat?
  • One word…Trump
11:16 HEADLINE: The Evolving Link between Social Media Addiction and Depression in Young Adults by Ilia Elenkov


HEADLINE: How can porn induce erectile dysfunction? by Zawn Villines

  • What if Trump many years back bought 41% of Twitter and you are using Twitter in an effort to bash him?
  • He is growing his millions b/c of you assaulting him.
  • That would just be the best “gotcha” ever.








 Media Matters and Tucker Carlson

  • Media Matters is Brocks outfit.
  • Imagine they are so desperate to take Tucker out that Media Matters redirects previously taxable income…

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson – you can never acknowledge the comic absurdity of the issue. You must believe you are bad, they are good and the system is on the level. What if we acknowledge what is actually going on?

  • These people don’t want to compromise with you. 
  • They are seeking to destroy!
  • The entire GDP of the planet $70 Trillion, even if we could confiscate the money from the entire work of the world for 3 years we couldn’t pay off the US debt!
  • There is a war on for the Truth folks.
  • This has always been about the death of man.
  • You must recognize this. If you don’t you are simply wasting your time.






 HEADLINE: Get Ready for the Struggle Session by Peggy Noonan

  • In America, and even more so on Twitter, there’s a whiff of China’s Cultural Revolution in the air.
  • Mao Zedong had a 3 year plan and listen to what this plan consisted of.
  • Mao was becoming very unpopular b/c people were dying of starvation.
  • The 4 OLD’s – 
  • What if there was no seal of confession?
  • Would you be forgiven by your fellow man if they knew all your sins?
  • Now you see why there has to be a ‘privacy’ there.

HEADLINE: California Bill Would Require Catholic Priests to Break the Seal of Confession to Report Abuse by Brianna Heldt

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Find Your Way Home – this was in 1974

  • The most provocative film of ‘modern’ marriage. 
HEADLINE: Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Are Among 40 Celebs, CEOs Arrested in a College Admissions Cheating Scandal by Chris Morris

  • The bribes reportedly went as high as $6 million. The children, generally, did not realize their admission was due to a bribe.
  • Loughlin, who most recently starred on Fuller House, and her husband are accused of agreeing to pay $500,000 in bribe to have their daughters recruited to the USC crew team, even though they had not previously participated in crew sports.




















Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn 

  • A few things strike me immediately on this.
  • This sounds like they are fond of Aristocracy! 
  • I thought they were “men and women of the people”?
  • These people are a closed network of elitist! 
  • I think this has always been around though with legacy admissions etc.
  • Revolutionists – 
  • Revolution – to go around something. A revolution by definition is never truly completed. 
  • Sal Alinsky – talked about the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.
  • This is perpetual revolution. 
  • Takes place outside of natural processes. You can’t ‘science’ a miracle.
  • We have cave paintings of dragons.
  • The book of Job, on several occasions there is mentioned a Leviathan. The monster is as wide as the river Nile.
  • That is a pretty big beast which you can determine was what we call in our modern day a dinosaur.
  • Job 40:11  Look at Behemoth – His strength is in his loins, and his force in the navel of his belly. He setteth up his tail like a cedar, the sinews of his testicles are wrapped together. His bones are like pipes of brass, his gristle like plates of iron. He is the beginning of the ways of God, who made him, he will apply his sword. To him the mountains bring forth grass: there all the beasts of the field shall play.
  • The culture of death – now being set up as an apologia for those things.
  • Laura Palazanni – Italy’s National Committee of Bioethics (NBC) – of which she is the vice president – had advised that the puberty blocker triptorelin should be used “only briefly” to create “a window of opportunity” for doctors to appropriately diagnose a child when he or she is at risk of self-harm, suicide, or self-medicating with puberty blockers bought over the internet.

HEADLINE: Vatican News runs interview claiming puberty blockers okay in ‘very restricted cases’ by Dorothy Cummings McLean

  • Puberty blockers don’t stop kids from wanting to kill themselves!
  • Studies show the exact OPPOSITE of what this woman is saying.
  • Puberty blockers exacerbate the self-harm feelings in kids.
  • The chastisement is coming.
  • The TFP – Michael Whitcraft will be on the show to discuss the Chastisement. 
12:51 HEADLINE: Trump serves football team Chick-fil-A at White House, liberals furious by Dorothy Cummings McLean
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Caller Rich from Missouri

  • Your live show and the replay of your show – Gregorian chant with bells in the background do you know what that is?
  • TrannyMammy situation – I work with a couple male/female they divorced each other. They both went their separate ways and started living a life of homosexuals. BOTH of them. 
  • Her partner cut her breast off and now the lesbian partner is upset b/c she is a lesbian and like the breast. She doesn’t want to be with a male.
  • ERROR on top of error! You just can’t make this stuff up.
  • These people are sadly looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.




























Special Guest Caroline Farrow

Follow Caroline here: @CF_Farrow, LifeSite News, National Catholic Register, and Crux

  • He pretended to transition, he beat all the females in the world weightlifting class and then decided NOT to transition. So basically he cheated the Tranny World.
  • This is why English people are being vocal about this.
  • You cannot change your SEX! We all know this deep down.
  • When America sneezes Britain catches a cold. 
  • The UK seems to be leading the trend on this transgender stuff. The GOOD news is the tide is changing. We are realizing the madness.
  • The Muslims do NOT like the homosexual agenda.
  • We get to see the Left absolutely eat themselves!
  • Most of the parent body are Muslims and the headmaster is openly homosexual.
  • He is teaching 5 and 6 year olds LOVE is LOVE and the Muslim parents are losing their minds over it. They are actually quoting parts of Catholicism when protesting this.
  • This is when pluralism can work.
  • The Guardian really doesn’t do facts – 
  • If this were Christians protesting this school we would have every entity printing the Christian Crazed Right but b/c it is Muslims, we don’t hear anything about it.
  • I wish the Catholic parents would have the same backbone to do exactly the same as these Muslim parents.
  • I am just outside of London.
  • The state now wants to come after homeschoolers now.
  • The 4 Temperaments – Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic

ReConquest Episode 72 Brother Andre Marie and special guest Sister Philomena explain the 4 temperaments.

  • Public schools have become like a sausage factory.
  • Mentioned his real name and the fact he had a criminal record.
  • They are still examining her computer all b/c she told the truth about this transgender guy.
  • He had this mother of two arrested for simply stating the facts about this man.
  • Book Reference: “Get Out Now” by Mary Rice Hasson
  • There are two very active lobby groups that lobby for transitioning children.
  • They are dealing with this problem in the UK and researching whether or not these puberty blockers are good or bad for the children.
  • Jazz Jennings
  • These parents give their young boys puberty blockers then when they decide they want to stay a male, they end up with micro penises. This is mutilation!
  • BREXIT – none of our leaders had any intention of voting that way.
  • Do you want to stay in the European Union or do you not? It is a simple vote. 
  • It didn’t have terms, it was a YES or NO vote. Our leaders will not accept the vote from the public however.
  • Not all sex b/w adults and children is abusive and unwanted. – He tried to explain how ‘pure’ it could be etc.
  • PDA – public displays of affection
  • Young children are always grossed out when they see someone kissing. That is NATURAL behavior. They don’t see two men kissing and say…AW love is love!
  • Straight men seeing two men kissing have the same physiological response as seeing a bucket of maggots.








Homophobic Woman On Question Time – YouTube This is Caroline Farrow’s stand up and be counted moment.

  • LGBTQ panel basically attacked Caroline. This was unprecedented. 
  • Looks like there will be a general election – to replace Theresa May. This is the 3rd vote she has lost.
  • She simply cannot get anything done.
  • It did NOT pass yet again for the 3rd time.
  • Some of the Catholic objections to the big European projects is just one big protection racket. 
  • Small countries are being oppressed by the EU.
  • That is inexcusable and we need to change it.
  • Anglican Vicar – story of how Caroline and her husband met and married.
  • Stay at home feminist shows – let’s save this for one of your full length shows.
  • We have all these sensational headlines from the UK and now we have you!
  • We need to keep our lanterns lit, fast and pray. We were told it wasn’t going to be easy. 

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