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HEADLINE: The Oscars Stop Bashing Trump and Start Leading by Example by Telly Davidson

  • “In some ways, while I was personally against the idea before it happened, having a “host-less Oscars” seems an apt metaphor for the entire night. The days of five film studios or three or four networks having a near-monopoly on all the “good” or “important” works are long gone. While the explosion of content and of possibilities is a good thing, the drawback is that there seems to be no more unifying center to our current popular culture.”
  • Remember last years winner? The Shape of Water which of course was to get us to accept #transgenderism via #transspecies.
  • There is no center – there is seemingly nothing to gravitate around. And then, we could even argue about what that is!

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HEADLINE: National Survey Results: What We Learned About Latin Mass Attendees by Brian Williams

  • Through all the mismanagement over the years is still going strong, this should prove it is the real deal. (Speaking of the Catholic Church)
  • This isn’t Burger King, you don’t get to have it your way.

AUDIO: Burger King Commercial

Here are the 7 Questions asked:

  • Approval of contraception
  • Approval of abortion
  • Weekly Mass attendance
  • Approval of same sex marriage
  • Percentage of income donated
  • Annual Confession among weekly Mass attendees
  • Fertility Rate
  • 89% of Catholics that attend NOM approve contraception.
  • YOU DO NOT GET A VOTE on this!
  • 51% of Catholics that attend NOM think ABORTION is okay!!!!!!
  • This number is staggering!
  • You cannot be Catholic and be Pro-Choice.
  • TLM has 60% larger families.
  • The TLM produces 7-10 times more to Holy Orders.

HEADLINE: The dying Novus Ordo religion by Bishop Sanborn


HEADLINE: Democrats Block Republicans From Saving Infants BORN ALIVE From Botched Abortions by Amanda Prestigiacomo

  • The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act failed in the Senate 53-44.

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HEADLINE: Naming Names: 44 Senators Who Voted in Favor of Infanticide and Against Protecting Born-Alive Babies by Jordan Sekulow



Special Guest Dr. Kevin Wacasey

Follow Dr. Wacasey on Twitter @HConomics 

Healthcareonomics and Dr. W’s Equation


  • Anyone who votes for these people that voted to allow a baby to die…Satan is alive and well and working hard.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Levatino explains the process of a 3rd trimester late term abortion

  • Illinois house overwhelmingly passed it, with one person standing in its way…Obama.
  • Dr. W’s Equation – Premium + Out of pocket maximum = What you might have to spend      P+O=W
  • GoodRx website – you can get coupons for drugs without insurance
  • It isn’t the drug that costs that, it is the extra charges tacked onto that drug.
  • EXAMPLE : insulin – this used to be made from pigs, it should be DIRT CHEAP!
  • QUESTION: How much should a drug be worth?
  • ANSWER: Whatever the market will bear.
  • PBM’s Pharmacy Benefit Management (Optim, Express Script)
  • Doing House Calls now like doctors used to do back in the day.
  • Health eHouse Calls
  • What has President Trump done to help?
  • The repeal of the individual mandate on January 1st. It was official but as soon as he was in office he stopped enforcing it.
  • There is still and employer mandate however. They still have to offer insurance to their employees if they have 30 or more.
  • QUESTION: Where should I start shopping for health insurance?
  • ANSWER: Medical Sharing Cost Programs SEDERA out of Austin Texas
  • Sedera Medical Cost Sharing
  • This is a very viable alternative! With rising premiums and deductibles, this “sharing” is definitely the only alternative.
  • Congress created the Certificate of Need Law back in the 70’s.

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Cyberbullying, Social Media and Comment Sections

  • Actually experienced this last week.
  • They wanted me to fire this person b/c she said an employee was cyber bullying them.
  • They actually asked for the HR department which was REALLY funny.

HEADLINE: The Travail Of Comments Sections by Rod Dreher

  • “Facebook community standard that says you can’t question a hate crime. It’s a stupid standard, especially in the case of someone like Smollett, who, by the time I posted that, had been exposed as a likely hoaxer (though he had not yet been charged).”




 Special Guest: Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Not everyone should have the leeway to exchange ideas in the public square.
  • Most people identify with their philosophies and if you question their identity, people get upset. It becomes a shouting match. This will happen EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • “Everyone must have a seat at the table” this is a ridiculous statement.
  • This is the result of enlightenment thinking.
  • Our Lady of Boulogne
  • Pope Francis knew exactly what was going on as the nude pictures and other stuff was sent directly to him.

HEADLINE: Vatican says it will await results of Pell’s appeal of sex abuse conviction by Crux Staff

AUDIO/VIDEO: Diane Montagna from LifeSite

  • He didn’t answer her question, he just spouted out a predetermined answer.
  • The fact for him to say it isn’t homosexuality as much as opportunity…what the hell is he talking about?
  • Same with Pro-Choice movement…it’s a CHOICE a CHOICE for what? Oh you know just killing a baby. Same thing with what Cardinal Cupich is saying.
  • Michael Matt at the Remnant put it great in his ending video from Rome. (You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/VL8A5iBJ2xo)
  • What happened to allow all of this?
  • What started all of this?
  • We removed all the barriers Priest had. We removed their protection from us!
  • We made them turn and FACE us while saying Mass.
  • We removed the communion rails that was another barrier for them.
  • WE PUT OUR PRIEST IN HARMS WAY and we are now seeing the consequences of this.
  • RECAP of previous article – Novus Ordo and Traditional Latin Mass


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