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Universal Daycare –

What does this mean exactly?

We as Americans have to have 2 parents working right?

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HEADLINE: Are the Democrats Bent on Suicide? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • Harold Ramis couldn’t have written this better.
  • Let’s do this main topic/theme outside, as she shakes her head b/c it is covered in fresh snow.
  • The TV cameras couldn’t get the shot right b/c there was too much snow!
  • This candidate is running against Global Warming!
  • You cannot make this up.

AUDIO: Let me take you back to 2009, “Where The Jobs Are” by the Mike Church Show Band (build his green economy)

  • Obama tried this with a Democrat Congress. It DIDN’T work then so what makes anyone think it will work NOW?
  • Where is Solyndra now? Do you remember that company? They were going to give us all solar panels.
  • Obama also subsidized the whole Tesla project. That is how it got started.
  • Remember the Chevy Volt?
  • Trash to Energy processing plant. They burn all the trash and it turns into good clean energy. Only problem…it doesn’t work.

BACK TO HEADLINE: Are the Democrats Bent on Suicide? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • Did you know that birds poop on these solar panels. It is such an issue they have companies that make Bird-B-Gone products.

AUDIO/VIDEO: California Solar Power Plants Ignite Birds Mid-Flight

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Solar Panels –

AUDIO/VIDEO: California Solar Power Plants Ignite Birds Mid-Flight

  • 1 heliostat can provide one power for 1 California home.

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 DC McAllister Tweets: Feminist politicians like @AOC and @IlhanMN are setting women back decades. They’re affirming sexist stereotypes that women are irrational, emotional, cliquish, shallow and silly. Thanks, ladies. Way to represent.



BACK TO HEADLINE: Are the Democrats Bent on Suicide? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • Why is this happening?
  • Tide Pod Challenge – the same stupidity and social media acceptance has created this. This is why AOC and others are as popular as they are.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The KIKI Challenge  Remember the KiKi Challenge?

Marxist Regimes –

The American Version –



 Caller John from California –

  • I worked at that solar panel plant you were just referring to. The one where the birds are spontaneously combusting.
  • It’s like 900-1,000 degrees where these rays are shooting up.
  • A factor of 4!
  • It produced LESS energy than it required money to maintain it.
  • What happens when it goes dark? You have to go back to the conventional way! In the interim they are burning natural gas b/c it costs more to turn them off then fire them back up.
  • Anyone with a brain had to look at this plant and know it was NEVER going to work.

HEADLINE: Which Kills More Birds? Oil Spills, or Windmills? by Kerry Jackson

  • These things ultimately go up in flames.
  • When they do, we say..well we tried. Our intentions were good.
  • Chevron doesn’t get to say that!


 HEADLINE: In Soviet Union, Day Care Is the Norm by Hedrick Smith

  • The Original Universal Daycare = Stay At Home Moms
  • The Greek term that means economics of the home.
  • “The vast majority of Soviet families require the salary of a working wife to make ends meet. Repeatedly, Soviet citizens express astonishment when they learn that an American father can support a family of two, three or four children without his wife’s working. Many are also surprised that American women would willingly have more than one child.” from The New York times Archives December 17, 1974, page 42
  • There was no victor in the Cold War.
  • TWEETS from Oren Cass about this NYT article from 1974
  • Did you know there was NO 2 day weekend? That came in 1928. There was only Sunday…and Mass.

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  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
  • Someone done burned down the Newcaster SheShed – There will be no more Stacey’s Statements.


 HEADLINE: Stasi Doping Made This Girl A Man by Rod Dreher

  • “Naturally we recoil in horror at what the totalitarian state did to this minor without her consent or knowledge. But you know, minors in our culture today can not meaningfully consent to hormone-dosing any more than Heidi Krieger did. Yet our doctors conspire openly with parents of these children to jack them up with hormones too, with the express purpose of altering their sex.”

TrannyMammys – call them what they are…PIMPS

HEADLINE: Biden Foundation teams up with LGBTQ groups on family acceptance campaign by Julie Moreau






 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute –

  • I wish I could be shocked by what you just said but I am not. Sometimes I am a little surprised but not shocked.
  • In Mitter Chur field of broadcasting, the field has been abandoned. They are all non-profit now.
  • Where can I say “Whites Only”
  • Pepsi Drinkers are Facisist. What if I tried to run an add like that?
  • This word discrimination doesn’t even mean what the true definition is.
  • Discrimination = recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.
  • They don’t understand semantics do actually have a place.
  • Words DO have meaning!
  • How can I know FB interest? This sounds like “stereotyping” to me.
  • Acceptable Ad Targeting – according to FB terms and conditions.

HEADLINE: The Mueller Manifesto by Robert Royal

  • These two men are NOT being insubordinate. They are being subordinate to Christ.
  • Both of these Cardinals are courageous.
  • They typically don’t realize who and what they are.
  • Not just when they concrete the Eucharist, but they also have the ability to command miracles in public. They too often consider and think of themselves as administrators.
  • They have lost sight of what the Church is. They look at the buildings, how much they cost, how much money is coming in and forget Christ on the Cross.
  • Sharing in sin and scandalizing the faithful.
  • John Bell Edwards –

HEADLINE: Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times from TFP

  • What are some of the other explanations of Pope Benedict?
  • Every single time he makes an appearance that promotes orthodoxy, it is immediately followed by something from his brother that got in trouble for spanking a student.
  • I come back to Our Lady of Good Success – “the ONE who should speak will fall silent.”
  • The ONE could be ALL Bishops, Cardinals etc or it could mean the ONE Pope Benedict.

HEADLINE: Abuse of Faith by Robert Downen, Lise Olsen, and John Tedesco 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms

HEADLINE: The Curious Case of Fr. Edwin Dwyer is a Lesson for U.S. Catholics by Gene Van Son

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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